Day 1: Break out of that comfort zone…

January 1, 2007

A scrambled egg sandwich, even when called a scramblewich, is not a particularly exciting or adventurous dinner choice to herald the beginning of the new year. Knowing that L was not willing to spend the evening in an egg-allergy induced illness, and that Baby A is currently more interested in climbing out of the high chair rather than actually eating dinner, I scaled the recipe down to serve one baby and one adult rather than four big people. In its favor, the meal was pretty easy to make and took way less than 30 minutes to cook. Essentially, some deli ham was fried in butter; eggs with hot sauce, salt and pepper and a splash of milk were scrambled with the ham. The mixture was tipped into a hollowed out baguette, topped with cheese and put under the broiler. After escaping from the brand new, shiny-clean cookie sheet and hanging around in the back of the oven for a while, the food was extracted and topped with chopped chives.

What can I say? The food was fine. It was ok, it was nice enough. Would I cook it again? I doubt it. Do I feel cheated out of my evening meal? A little. I once wrote a few restaurant reviews for a Food Guide. The only drawback was that the establishments paid to be included in the guide, and so all the reviews had to be positive. I found myself enthusing over the crispness of the lettuce or the temperature of the drinks, rather than mention anything negative. So in this instance I could tell you how green the chives looked next to the eggy yellowness, or how well the cheese melted. It was a really nice baguette though.

Tomorrow is some sort of turkey shepherd’s pie, I believe. We better make sure to have a delicious lunch.

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  • Reply GearMama January 2, 2007 at 6:17 pm

    Two quick questions.
    1. Why aren’t there any photos in the book?
    2. Why is a scrambled egg sandwich the first recipe in a gigantic recipe book?

    One quick comment.
    I love the blog! I just purchased the recipe book and am already looking forward to reading your reviews/experiences as I plan for my fam’s meals.


  • Reply Helen | One Year Project January 19, 2007 at 9:27 pm

    1.) There is a photo of a corn dog, does that help?
    2.) Very, very good question!

  • Reply one year project » Blog Archive » Day 300: 300 days October 27, 2007 at 7:30 pm

    […] Where did the year go? Seriously, 5 minutes ago we were celebrating the new year through the medium of Scramblewiches. And this evening we heralded the final stretch of the year with Turkey and Sage Rolls with Cranberry Dipping Sauce. The process is almost identical to the chicken rolls we made yesterday, with the turkey and sage filling taking center stage. Although a laborious process, at least this part of the meal made sense. The dipping sauce threw us both for a loop. A dollop of tinned cranberry sauce (lots of lovely high fructose corn syrup disguised as a fruit product) is mixed with three times the amount of mayonnaise, and some lime juice. Cranberry sauce and mayonnaise is a particularly weird combination. To me it smelled of fruity tuna salad. We were both a little repulsed by the mayonnaise- sour cream or yogurt would be a less peculiar choice. The rolls would have been better with a good tangy cranberry sauce, one with a little bite to it, and a bucket-load less sugar product. If you want to make this meal and don’t have the ingredients on hand to make the dipping sauce, you could always add some vinegar and egg to a carton of strawberry yogurt. […]

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