Day 107: Maybe 2008 won’t be the year of the vegetable after all

April 17, 2007

Reading the recipe for Turkey Club Super Mashers, I thought that putting bacon into mashed potato was just gratuitous. Having made this meal, we discovered what presumably many other people already know; bacon in mashed potato is fantastic. Truly amazing, perhaps we’ll never again have vegetarian potatoes. There was also watercress and tomato mixed in there, which actually worked pretty well in conjunction with the crunchy pieces of delicious bacon. Although the first mouthful of warm potato and cold tomato was a little disconcerting, the taste was acquired very quickly.

Topping the potato was sliced grilled turkey and a thyme gravy, decorated with chopped scallions. Presumably this is some sandwich variation, substituting the BLT for BLT mash. It sounds ridiculous, and we had been sceptical, but really this was very good; highly recommended. Tomorrow we start two days of cashew nut chicken, with Park City Cashew Chicken. I’m pretty excited about that, and of course each meal brings us closer to the Chicago Dog Salad. The pickles have been purchased, the hot dogs are in our fridge. Who knows, perhaps we might be blown away by this culinary masterpiece?

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  • Reply The Home Cook April 18, 2007 at 1:15 pm

    It’s amazing how versitle mashed potatoes can be. Over the years I’ve experimented with a ton of different “fillings” for mashed potatoes and every time I’m impressed by how good the end result is. I’m glad to know this was a keeper.

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