Day 109: Twas the night before Dog Salad

April 19, 2007

This evening we rustled up Asian-Style Cashew Chicken in about 20 minutes. Of course it helped that we made a double portion of the extra-long-cooking-rice last night, which we just bunged in the microwave to heat up. This is one of the few times that we’ve actually managed to plan ahead enough to not have to cook the exact same element of a dish two days in a row. The recipe is very straightforward with plenty of vegetables, which was refreshing. Onions, garlic, scallions, pea pods, red peppers and beansprouts were stir-fried with the chicken and hot pepper flakes over a high heat in vegetable oil. Duck sauce and tamari were added to create an Asian-Style sauce, and a hefty amount of cashew nuts were stirred in to the concoction. Like yesterday, I left out the parsley or cilantro garnish, preferring to let the flavours of the dish speak for themselves.

I don’t think that I have actually had duck sauce before; I was imagining hoisin or plum sauce, both of which I love. The duck sauce seemed a little on the cloyingly sweet side, which seems a bizarre thing to say after yesterday’s meal flavoured with maple syrup and honey. The tamari offset the sweetness a little, but we both used a fair amount of soy sauce to counteract the sugar with some salt. However, this was a good meal. With the maple honey chipotle sauce of yesterday, and the vegetables of today, this would be a fantastic meal. Especially if the chicken was replaced with char siu. Perfect.

So tomorrow is Dog Day around here. Our friends who have the dubious pleasure of coming over for dinner tomorrow have offered to bring a can of chilli to make Chilli Dog Salad, or batter and sticks so we can make Corndog Salad. Surely even salad on a stick can’t compete with the heady culinary delights we have in store for us tomorrow. Chicago Dog Salad. It’s going to be sublime.

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