Day 119: Nice steak, mediocre meal

April 29, 2007

This evening, after wrestling a stupidly overtired toddler to bed, L and I made Boneless Rib-Eye Steaks with Killa’ Chimichurri and Mushrooms with Smoky Chipotle and Wilted Spinach [recipe]. The steaks were good, the mushrooms and spinach mixture was good, but the chimichurri was just not a hit in this house. It’s supposed to be piled on top of the steak, which was placed on a toasted piece of crusty bread. The flavours in the chimichurri overpowered everything else on the plate. The sage, oregano, thyme, parsley, onion, garlic, lemon zest, red wine vinegar, olive oil and water mixture was extremely pungent, and neither of us got past the first taste. It seemed a little odd, although not unpleasant, to put the steak on the bread; the toast was a bit superfluous but came in handy to mop up the juices. The red onion, mushroom, spinach, chipotle mixture was the highpoint of the meal, one which we’d certainly consider cooking again.

Tomorrow we will be making Chicken Chimichurri Burgers with Exotic Chips. We’re ecstatic that we have a chance to try chimichurri in a different context to see if we like it on chicken burgers. Who knows, maybe it will be a fitting end to the fourth month of the year. This week marks a third of the way through this project; we can’t give up now. We just have to work out how exactly we’re going to keep going through the first few weeks of Baby #2’s life.

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