Day 12: Almost like going out for dinner

January 12, 2007

Lamb chops are not terribly easy to find in this city, by which I really mean they don’t sell them in Target or our nearest grocery stores. This afternoon we bundled Baby A into the car and braved the Friday afternoon traffic, on a mission to find lamb chops. Our first stop was out of stock so we went to a fancy grocery store, which fortunately had plenty. At around $6 per chop, we decided that two small ones would be fine, rather than the somewhat gratuitous two chops per person that the recipe calls for.

The meal we cooked tonight, Spiced Lamb Chops on Sauteed Peppers and Onions with Garlic and Mint Couscous [recipe], was without a doubt the best meal we have made so far this year. The onions, peppers, tomatoes and parsley cooked in olive oil were light, tasty and colourful. The couscous was cooked with chicken stock rather than water and was actually really good. We never cook couscous so never consider making it, if that makes sense. I have to say this meal may have just shattered all my preconceptions about it- it was neither bland nor grainy. The lamb chops were great. We are big lamb fans in this house, we maybe have it once a month, and we always enjoy it. The lamb tonight was outstanding. We normally buy frozen and this was fresh, which probably makes a huge difference, and the spice rub was a very quick and easy method of preparation. Overall, this was like a restaurant meal, a really good restaurant meal. The restaurant could be a bit tidier and we could have dressed a bit fancier, and maybe sitting on the floor in front of the TV to eat was less than classy, but the food was mighty fine.

This is the first time that we’ve really been conscious of the cost of preparing meals in the Rachael Ray stylee. Prior to this we’ve had most things in stock or they’ve been reasonably cheap, like pasta and cheese for example. On Sunday night we are having t-bone steak which is $18.99 a pound in the fancy grocery store we were at today. Sunday is my birthday though, so I suppose I’m worth it, probably quite a cheap date, all things considered. At least we are slowly emptying the freezer which is great, some stuff has been in there probably for years, who knows?

Dinner tomorrow will be barbeque chicken sandwiches with the chicken braised in Mexican beer? Nice cold Corona anyone?

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