Day 120: At least the chips were exotic

April 30, 2007

This evening, I made Chicken Chimichurri Burgers with Exotic Chips, which at least had the good fortune of being very easy and quick to prepare- assuming you’re following this recipe book in chronological order, and thus have a tub of chimichurri sitting in the fridge. As a quick recap, the chimichurri is an onion/ herb/ vinegar concoction that we had on steak yesterday- and thought was quite vile. So today, it was at least mixed into the ground poultry, where it worked as a variety of seasonings, rather than just crazy strong flavours sitting on top of something that was otherwise quite tasty. Some of it was mixed with shredded cabbage and sliced red pepper, to make a slaw. We both scraped that back off the burgers pretty quickly. We are just not loving the chimichurri. The burgers were assembled with sliced pickles, tomatoes, the slaw and topped with mustard smeared on the bun top. A side dish came courtesy of a bag of Terra exotic vegetable chips; at least they are always good.

This meal was adequate, in a totally average sense. It may have happened that ketchup and cheese were added to the burger, post-tasting, in an attempt to brighten up an otherwise very dull meal. There’s not much more to be said- another day, another burger. This was one of those days were the burger feels very much like it is made of tasteless white meat; where the flavours don’t transcend the ingredients. I think it would be interesting to put graphs on this site, so we can see how much chicken we’ve eaten, and consider the ratio of burgers to curries. I need to look into software to do that- if anyone knows an easy graph-drawing tool, for the Mac, please leave a comment.

Tomorrow, more chicken, tenders I believe, for Spring Chicken with Leeks and Peas Served with Lemon Rice. At least it sounds like something we can feed Baby A without brainwashing her into thinking that we eat burgers and chips every night. The following day is a variation on the recipe I think, with Chicken and Rice Stoup. I’m hoping it’s the exact same recipe but with chicken stock added. That would almost be like a night off.

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    […] This evening we made yet another chicken burger with fancy chips, this time titled Italian Sweet Chicken Sausage Patties with Peppers and Onions on Garlic Buttered Rolls. There is not anything to complain about with this one, but equally nothing to really rave about. It is fine; good solid chicken burger fine. The ground chicken is mixed with fennel seeds, basil and sun-dried tomatoes, before being fried on the pan. Toppings come courtesy of fried onions and cubanelle peppers, with some provolone thrown on for good measure. The buns are grilled and then smeared with garlic butter, which is a little on the excessive side. If we were to make this again, we’d skip the butter and just rub the garlic directly onto the toasted bread. The burger was served with yet more “exotic” chips, and some salad. […]

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