Day 124: Another slab of meat

May 4, 2007

This evening L and I made Steaks with Horseradish Cream Sauce, Watercress Salad, and Crusty Bread, which is a meal that is extremely quick and easy to make. The steaks are smeared with olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper and fried on a hot heat. A dollop of sour cream was mixed with minced shallot, prepared horseradish and chives. The watercress was washed and dressed with lemon juice and olive oil. The bread was taken out the bag and sliced.

I have to say that I pretty much opted out of this meal to just eat the bread, but L really enjoyed it. The horseradish sauce was smooth and spicy, and a good complement to the steak. The peppery watercress salad was refreshing and light. The only real drawback to this meal was the fact that we had a big steak dinner yesterday- steak is not something that we would ever eat more than once every few months. It seems unfortunate that the two meals follow each other, after all this is not particularly indebted to yesterday’s recipe, the “master recipe”. The salad leaves are both dressed in lemon juice and olive oil, and the steaks are both prepared in olive oil and salt and pepper, but that is where the similarities end. And it’s not like either of those preparation methods are particularly novel or exciting or difficult. Really, the recipes could easily have been separated by a few weeks, and anyone following the book from start to finish (well us at least) would be very grateful.

Tomorrow we are having Swedish Meat Dumpling Stoup. It’s not quite a soup and not quite a stew; it’s apparently a stoup.

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  • Reply Joannie May 5, 2007 at 6:49 am

    The two pictures from yesterday and today look remarkably similar, except for the tapanades. It’s like having leftovers one night only you had to cook everything over again instead of just reheating it.

    Another stoup — I wonder what kind of cookbook she would write if she didn’t make up such stupid words.

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