Day 129: Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion

May 9, 2007

This evening we made Veggie Fritters and Asian Salad, in our already greasetastic kitchen. We made half as much pancake mix batter as yesterday, as we felt that the fat factor was simply too high to each eat a full serving tonight. Matchstick carrots, chopped broccoli and red peppers were stirred into the mix with a handful of sesame seeds. The batter was dolloped into the hot oil and cooked until golden.

While L was being the fritter master, I made the salad with blanched chopped asparagus, chopped cucumbers, radishes, avocado and baby spinach. The dressing was the same sauce that I sometimes make for noodles- tamari, lime juice, hot sauce, vegetable oil and tahini (I use peanut butter for spicy nutty noodles).

The fritters tasted like sweet fat solidified. The vegetables are really lost in the general deep-friedness of the fritter. The salad was really good, with the tangy dressing helping to offset the cloying quality of the fritter. It’s hard to be completely objective about this meal, given that we are suffering a little fritter-fat fatigue. For two days in a row we’ve had to have full face and hand washes after eating, despite using cutlery. On balance, I think that the salad we had today is tastier, but yesterday’s fritters with crab and shrimp were more interesting.

Tomorrow we are eating Sliced Herb and Garlic Tagliata over Shaved Portobello, Celery, and Parmigiano-Reggiano Salad which certainly sounds like a welcome change from deep fried food. Incidentally, after a day of preparing our condo to put it on the housing market, we found ourselves in Ikea buying some fascinating and utterly necessary household goods. In the kitchenware department we found a cookery book with 365 days of recipes. L wanted to buy it for next year’s one year project. I might need some convincing.

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