Day 133: And on the second day, we made gravy

May 13, 2007

Fa-schizzel My Schnitzel: Cutlets with the Works! Breaded Meat with Mushroom and Onion Gravy, Bacon and Cornichons not only has a ridiculous name, it is also a fair to middlingly rubbish meal. The problem is twofold- one, we made the exact same meal yesterday, minus the gravy and toppings, and two, the the gravy and toppings made it taste worse not better. So tonight we made another pork schnitzel, and another batch of the cabbage side dish. We then fried up some bacon, then made a mushroom and onion gravy. When everything was cooked, the schnitzel was topped with slices of lemon, the vegetable gravy, the bacon pieces and some chopped pickles.

The end result was that the schnitzel was buried like a bacon cheeeburger, minus the burger and the cheese. The gravy made the breading go soggy, thus negating the effort of bothering to put breading on the meat. The lemon slices under the gravy made no sense- the flavours did not work well together, and you had to either run the risk of eating a mouthful of lemon peel, or you had to excavate the whole food pile to get the lemon out first. The bacon and chopped pickles seemed like an afterthought to make the meal more excessive to justify the stupid name. And the pickles in particular made this taste like bad canteen food.

If you choose to make one of the schnitzel meals, we would highly recommend the more straightforward meal of yesterday. This meal is too much effort for less than stellar results. Yesterday I at least ate some of it, today I picked at the bacon then went straight for ice cream. L ate a fair bit of the cabbage but abandoned ship on the soggy schnitzel pile.

Tomorrow we have to finish getting the condo ready to put on the market. We have a monstrous amount of cleaning and sorting to get through; it may be a very long day. We also have to take Baby A for her pre-operation physical at the doctors. She’s having her adenoids removed on Friday because she has been plagued by repeated ear infections. Whilst not a major operation, it’s still a general anaesthetic so we’re trying not to think too much about it. Otherwise we’ll get into some sort of state worrying about all the things that could go wrong. This is a big week- on Thursday I have my 19 week ultrasound to find out if the baby inside is doing well, and also the gender if possible (having a baby is surprising enough already; we are so not waiting to find out if A’s clothes can be used again). We also need to make a big decision on whether to borrow money to move house while our condo is still on the market- and thus be sure to move house in the summer before I get too big and grumpy to move myself from room to room, or whether to wait out the sale of this place and run the risk of having nowhere to go, or no sale, or having to move a week before the baby comes. All roads are stressfull, we just have to decide which option would be the least traumatic/ terrifying.

Tomorrow we will christen our newly sparkling and fresh-smelling kitchen with the making of Seafood Newburg Stoup with Cayenne-Chive-Buttered Corn Toasties. I’m sure fishy soup (stoup) being cooked here two days in a row will make our condo smell irresistible to all buyers within a 300 mile radius.

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