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Day 139: We need to buy a second skillet

May 19, 2007

This evening we made Lettilas: Mix-n-Match Lettuce Tacos which are, as you might guess from the title, lettuce tacos with two types of filling; one beef, one shrimp. The beef filling is a basic onion, garlic, ground beef, Worcestershire sauce, chilli powder and tomato sauce concoction. The shrimp are fried with garlic, jalapeño pepper, parsley or cilantro, lime zest and juice and salt and pepper. The fillings are served on quartered iceberg lettuce leaves with shredded cheddar, scallions and chopped pimiento olives to garnish.

This meal is better than we expected, but nothing wildly exciting. The iceberg lettuce was a fitting end to a hot summers day, lightening the whole meal considerably. The beef filling was tasty and good and we wished we had made more of it so that we’d have some leftovers. The shrimp filling was a bit mediocre. The tiny shrimp we used were a bit gritty and cook too quickly to be anything but overcooked. Perhaps this recipe would have been better with medium shrimp rather than the small ones specified. We’d probably make the meal again but skip the shrimp filling. More than one filling is also superfluous when there’s only two of you eating, or at least it is if you are cooking yourself. Obviously take out and restaurant food is a whole different matter.

Baby A is doing much better today after her surgery yesterday, in fact she has been on top form all day. The only thing, and we were warned about this, is that she has the most terrible bad breath. It smells like something crawled in her mouth and died. A cute 19 month old should not be the most awful smelling person you have ever come across. She really stinks, poor wee thing, and so do we, and the house, and the car… But other than that, she is doing great.

Tomorrow we will be having the first of our summer soups; Beans and Greens Soup. The recipe calls for escarole, which I at first read as snails, but which is apparently a leafy green vegetable. I might do some internet research before we go shopping so we know vaguely what we’re looking for.

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  • Reply The Home Cook May 21, 2007 at 12:42 pm

    I’ve loved lettuce wraps ever since having them at PF Chang’s. I can’t imagine why RR suggested using teeny tiny shrimp, though, unless they were precooked and you weren’t adding them to a skillet at all. Rubbery shrimp of any size are never good.

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