Day 14: Welcome to the steak house

January 14, 2007

Recipe fourteen, Fiery Hot Texas T-Bones with Chipotle Smashed Potatoes and Hot and Sweet Pepper Sauté [recipe], was a most excellent meal to celebrate my twenty-twelfth birthday. We were initially sceptical of the meal because of the concentration on chipotle and chilli, but this was tasty, rich and flavoursome without being “fiery hot”. The smashed potatoes were made with bacon, onions and sour cream so were destined for great things. This was actually the first time this year that I really wished we had made more food so I could just keep on eating and eating and eating. Portion control is inherently a good thing I believe.

The steak was seasoned with a spice rub then fried in a very hot pan. An element of drama was added when we had to set fire to 1/8th of a cup of Bourbon, which in our case was a 15 year old Scottish malt. L believes this was a bit of a sacrilege, I am happy that the recipe didn’t call for my precious gin. Anyway, a spot of flambé is always exciting, even if the flame only lasted a few seconds. The peppers were then sautéd, a bit of an anticlimax after the high drama of cooking with flames, and the meal assembled. The only tiny criticism of this recipe would be that if you follow the directions as instructed, the smashed potatoes are finished very early in the proceedings, and thus should really be reheated. Other than that, this meal comes highly recommended. Two weeks into this project and we are feeling so very much happier than this time last week.

Tomorrow, some sort of burgers made with ground veal and ground pork, I believe. I am not sure that I have ever eaten veal, for some questionably lame ethics/ general squeamishness and squirminess about eating baby animals (no need to write in, I am aware of the ridiculous hypocrisy going on here). I have certainly never cooked veal. First, however, we have to find somewhere that sell it. We’ll let you know how it goes.

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