Day 143: A mountain of food

May 23, 2007


After a day of trying to entertain Baby A at home in the rain without messing up our show-worthily clean condo, we set about making Super Mashers with Steak and Pepper Hash [recipe] (although in that version the skins are left on the potatoes). This is a great meal but it certainly messed up the kitchen, L is in there now cleaning up after a very long day of meetings at work. Essentially there are two elements to this meal, the mashed potatoes and the beef stir fry. The cooked potatoes are mashed with sour cream, milk, and garlic and scallions that have been lightly cooked in butter.

The beef steak was sliced thinly before cooking and seasoned with salt and pepper. After searing it in a hot pan, red onions, red pepper and an Anaheim chili were added to the pan. Once everything was browned, lime juice and hot sauce were added to taste. The potato was piled on the plate with grated sharp cheddar on top. The recipe called for 2.5oz of cheese each, we went with a handful. The meat and vegetables topped the food pile and melted the cheese.

This meal was certainly hearty; we ate a ton and still had to admit defeat half way through the plate. It’s perfect starchy cheesy winter food- I’d forgotten how good cheesy mashed potato can be. The beef and peppers was spicy and crispy and excellent. It would have also been good on a bed of rice or some roast vegetables. This recipe is a winner but we’d save it for the winter months in the future. It’s wet and raining here but it’s certainly hot and humid. Yummo weather.

Tomorrow we are going back to look again at our shortlist of possible houses first thing in the morning, then we have some big decisions to make. We do have a picnic to attend at Baby A’s daycare which is a potluck dinner, before coming back to cook from the book. I need to come up with some instant food option for the picnic. I’ll think about that tomorrow afternoon, probably minutes before we have to go and be social. In the evening, we’ll have to draw straws to see who gets to attend our condo association meeting; never a fun-filled joyous occasion. One of us will get to do that and the other will look after Baby A and cook Super Mashers with Chicken and Green Chili Hash. We considered making a double, or triple, batch of the mashed potatoes, but decided that they don’t reheat well enough and that fresh is always best. I’d rather be cooking.

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  • Reply Cathy September 16, 2007 at 12:24 pm

    Great blog! I wish there was something like this for every cookbook. heh.

    I’ve made this recipe a few times. It’s one of my favorites, but it’s pretty heavy. I end up eating it for lunch for the for the next few days.

    This project must be expensive! Whenever I do a full recipe from this book, I always end up spending a ton of money on various odd jarred things, spices, bagged and shredded this-that that I only use once.

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