Day 144: More good food

May 24, 2007

This evening we went to a picnic at Baby A’s daycare. While she raced around on a crazy apple juice-induced sugar high, refusing to eat, I ate the plate of food that I’d put together for her dinner. You can’t beat having two big meals within an hour of each other. I blame the growing baby, myself. We made and took cheese scones, one of my all time favourites, and they were rather tasty, if I say so myself. We eventually got the overtired (but once again sweet smelling, hallelujah) child home and to bed, and raced to make Super Mashers with Chicken and Green Chili Hash in record time, so that L could eat before going to the Condo Association meeting. Fortunately, this meal didn’t require too much attention as it is almost identical to the meal we made yesterday. The steak was replaced with chicken, green pepper took the place of the red pepper, and green salsa replaced the hot sauce.

Unbelievably, these few changes actually resulted in a very different meal. The salsa added an entirely different flavour element while retaining the heat of the hot sauce. The chicken was seared so quickly that it didn’t have time to turn in to an old boot. Overall this meal was equally successful as version 1. Tomorrow we make the third version, Super Mashers with Shrimp and Chorizo Hash. This kicks off a five day run of fish and shrimp. I have to say that I’m looking forward to the three garlic shrimp pasta dishes. I think they were some of the few recipes I noticed before we bought the recipe book, back when this whole project was just a slightly amusing hypothetical challenge, rather than an occasionally ridiculous reality.

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  • Reply The Home Cook May 25, 2007 at 9:50 am

    Shrimp and chorizo is one of my favorite combinations. I think these mashed potato meals sound really good. Too bad the weather is getting so warm or I’d add them to my rotation now.

  • Reply Helen | One Year Project May 25, 2007 at 8:39 pm

    Add them to your rotation anyway, they are great!

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