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Day 145: A perfect meal to end a crazy day

May 25, 2007

Well, finally our househunting days are over. We put in an offer on a house this morning and this afternoon it was accepted. All being well, we’ll get the keys at the end of July. It’s in our neighbourhood, about 12 blocks away from where we live, and it’s in immaculate condition. The couple selling it have lived there since 1964 and have taken really good care of it- there’s a new roof, the basement is waterproofed, all the electrics and plumbing are new. It is however coated in deep pile carpets and lace curtains and all things elderly couple. However, we will be bringing our own little slice of Ikea world with us to bring the house into this century. We are really happy, for what we can afford (barely) this house is perfect. Now we just have to sell our place…

But at least we should move before the baby arrives, and hopefully we’ll be settled there with the floors sanded and a new kitchen installed by mid August. That gives Baby A about two months to adapt to a new home before she has to adapt to a new sibling. No pressure there. And if she could transition to her own bed so that the new one can have the cot by about December, that would be great. Fun times ahead. We’re concerned about finances, obviously, as we may end up paying two mortgages for a while (and by concerned I mean terrified), but we couldn’t face moving either just before or just after the baby arrives. And the thought of lugging two children up and down the stairs in mid-Winter while L is at work seemed pretty impossible too. I had visions of being marooned in the condo whenever he was at work. In the new place we have a garage. How very mature! And a deck and a garden, with a fence, where Baby A can run. We are really happy.

When we got the phone call to say that our offer had been accepted, we also found out that a woman had fallen in love with our condo from the pictures she’d seen online, and wanted to see it almost immediately. I took Baby A to the grocery store on a fresh fruit and flowers run, while L cleaned the place once again. Our realtor was showing the property and sounded very hopeful that the viewing would go well. We went out to the park, again, and came back and bumped into our neighbour. He’d met the potential buyer who had been extremely enthusiastic and very interested, apparently. Cheered up, we fed, bathed and put Baby A to bed. Just as L was singing to her, there was a knock at the door and our downstairs neighbour asked if we’d lost a cat, because they had seen one run down the outside stairs to the basement. We hadn’t even checked that they were all present and correct.

Sure enough, two out of three cats were missing. L went to search for them, while I called our realtor (ruining his evening) and made some Lost Cat posters. Losing one cat is bad, but two in one night is terrible. Suddenly, after being really fed up with the cats and their neediness, I realised how much a part of our lives they really are, and how terrible it would be to lose them. One of the missing cats came with us from Scotland. Her sister was wandering around the condo looking for the others, looking really perturbed. I was about to call a friend to ask if she could stay in with Baby A while I went to help look, when L came in with Chutney, our resident feline Wisconsinite. She’d left down the back stairs and was hiding inside the abandoned washing machine outside the basement. She had apparently been petrified, and seemed really happy to be home. After much seeking, we pretty much gave up Biscuit for lost. She’s never been outside, but she used to disappear for days in nooks and crannies of our old basement. As a last resort, L checked all our cupboards again, and found Biscuit hiding in the bottom of one, presumably having been locked in and fallen asleep. What a relief, the bane of our life is back! Honestly, she’s the most annoying cat in the world, but incredibly loveable, although she does have really spikey hands.

I called the realtor back to report the news, much to his relief, and he said that he’s hopeful that we may get an offer in the next few days from the person who viewed today. So we have all our fingers and toes crossed, although it seems too good to be true. Let’s hope we get some luck- last year our condo was for sale for the entire summer with no offers at all…

Anyway, so after our emotional rollercoaster of a day, we made Super Mashers with Shrimp and Chorizo Hash which is a tremendous meal. The potatoes are the same as the last two days, with shrimp and chorizo replacing the steak or chicken. When everything is cooked, hot sauce and a double dose of lime juice finish the meal. The only comment I would say is that I blindly followed the recipe and put oil in the hot pan. Adding chorizo to the fat resulted in some kind of cholesterol overkill. The sausage oozed red fat, meaning that everything was swimming in fat. But it certainly tasted great.

This is one of those meals which make us really pleased that we are doing this project, although I’m pretty certain that I wouldn’t be saying that if our cats were still at large in the outside world. We would never in a million years have thought of pairing shrimp with mashed potato and cheese, we just wouldn’t have done it. The shrimp and chorizo are a tremendous combination, and the onions and peppers are rich and spicy and extremely good. We have to remember this meal for 2008, it’s our new favourite! Tomorrow we are making Spanish Fish and Chorizo Stoup, which means not only do we get to eat more chorizo, but we also get to cook clams; a whole new world for me.

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    Congrats on your new home, I hope the condo gets snatched up by the lady who let out/locked up your cats! Keep us updated.

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