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Day 146: I suppose this could be a stoup

May 26, 2007

After the longest day in the world trying to entertain an extremely grumpy/ screaching toddler (we were warned that her surgery would have repercussions for about 10 days), L made Spanish Fish and Chorizo Stoup. We were both so tired that we could barely stay awake to eat it; Baby A is not sleeping too well at the moment and we stayed up far too late last night discussing baby names. And the slightest change in atmospheric pressure or the flow rate of liquids seemed to cause Baby A to have an immediate hysterical meltdown which sounded akin to her being tortured, which can make for a hard day.

Anyway, back to dinner; the chorizo was fried in olive oil, with garlic and chopped potato added, followed by the leek and celery. Fish stock and diced tomatoes provided the liquid content, with seasoning provided by thyme, parsley, saffron and salt and pepper. The chopped cod was coated in lemon juice, then layered on top of the soup, followed by the clams. When everything was cooked, chopped parsley was sprinkled on top, and the soup was served with crusty bread.

If any of these meals called stoups could qualify as actually being a cross between a soup and a stew, then I would grudgingly say that this could be a stoup. Alternatively it could just be a soup with a low liquid level and large chunks of fish and vegetables, and no made-up name. This is a very tasty meal, and apparently very easy to cook. We did spend about $10 on the fish, but the servings were huge and we could have fed at least one more hungry adult. The flavours worked well together, and again this is a meal that we never would have thought of making at home. We used to eat mussels with chorizo fairly often in our pre-baby days, at a beautiful bar/ restaurant nearby. We’d sit outside on warm summer nights with friends who have since moved to Texas, eating fine foods and drinking tremendous enormous cocktails. Those were the days, how quickly things change. The tastes of this meal were reminiscent of that experience, minus the booze. The stoup is rich and the spice level is good, the vegetables and broth are great and chorizo makes everything better. L really enjoyed the fish and clams, personally I wasn’t too keen, but I think that’s pregnancy talking. Of all the ways to eat fish, putting it in a soup seems to be a winner. We agreed that we have probably eaten more fish soup this year than either of us have ever eaten previously. Fish soup is just not something I ever think to order if we’re out, maybe in the future that will change.

Tomorrow we will be having Italian-Style Garlic Shrimp with Cherry Tomatoes and Thin Spaghetti. That does sound Yummo, and that is not sarcasm talking.

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