Day 147: A little disappointing, but pretty good overall

May 27, 2007

This evening we made Italian-Style Garlic Shrimp with Cherry Tomatoes and Thin Spaghetti which was ridiculously easy to cook. The only challenge was getting the sauce and the pasta to be ready at the same time, without overcooking either. L chopped up garlic, cherry tomatoes, scallions, parsley and basil (fresh from the garden, well the pot on our front porch), and prepared the shrimp in lemon zest and juice. For my part, I cooked the pasta, sautéed the shrimp in olive oil then added the vegetables. I added some white wine and the herbs, then drained the pasta and tossed everything together with salt and pepper. Easy.

This meal wasn’t quite as fabulous as I had hoped, but it’s light and tasty nevertheless. It tastes fresh and spring-like, but could have done with a little kick in the form of some spice. We used frozen shrimp which were a little on the wet side. We were also surprised that the garlic was added after the shrimp had essentially cooked. Had they been cooked together, perhaps the shrimp would have been a little more flavoursome. Other than that, this is a good light summer supper. We left plenty of room for ice cream.

Other than that, we don’t have much to report of interest. We just started the 8pm showing of Night at the Museum on pay-per-view but can’t pause it as planned to finish this entry and make a cup of tea. So I will go and watch it now. Tomorrow we will be having Spanish-Style Garlic Shrimp and Rice, where the Spanish style apparently comes from the addition of olives.

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