Day 149: Final installment of the garlic shrimp

May 29, 2007

This evening we made the third variation of shrimp and grape tomatoes with Greek-Style Garlic Shrimp and Orzo. This is just as easy as the previous two meals, and is a good change of pace and flavour. While the orzo cooked, the garlic, red onions and red pepper flakes were fried in olive oil (as per instructions, this time). The shrimp were added, followed by the tomatoes, parsley, oregano, kalamato olives and salt and pepper. The orzo was spooned into a bowl, drizzled with olive oil and covered in feta cheese crumbles; the shrimp mixture was piled on top.

L doesn’t particularly like orzo or feta, but still thought the meal was ok. We both found it to be reasonable, but definitely the weakest meal of the last three. The feta seemed excessive (2oz per person) but actually it provided a good salty backdrop to what was otherwise a little bland. The red onions worked well with the orzo and grape tomatoes, but if I made this again I would double the called for amount of red pepper flakes to spice things up a little further. I’m not sure why this meal was only reasonable and not great, maybe it’s because we are suffering a little from shrimp fatigue.

Tomorrow we will be having German Potato Salad with Kielbasa which sounds less than appealing. We will probably spend at least some of the day fretting and worrying about our imminent financial demise, should nobody buy our condo in the next few weeks. We had another showing of our place today but we haven’t heard anything about any further interest. We have to believe that things will work out this year, as the consequences are unspeakably terrifying. At least we are excited about our new place, we are happily wasting minutes of every day stalking the outside of the house which is always fun. It is situated a few minutes from our local grocery store so we are always in the area picking up things we need for this project that we didn’t manage to get at our big Super Target shop. Other than that, we are very much looking forward to Friday, when Baby A is performing a song and dance routine at daycare with her class of 13 month to 30 month olds. We are guessing from her recent singing that she may be performing “Rain, rain, go away..” but it’s difficult to tell. She also has started doing some sort of chicken dance with her hands behind her back, so maybe they are going to be ducks or something. The occasion is Grandparent’s Day. We are inviting our neighbour to come along in lieu of any extended family. We’re wondering if we can hold auditions for fake local grandparent’s for our kids.

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