Day 151: Just like a walk in Provence, minus the walking, or the being in France bit

May 31, 2007


It’s amazing how if you add lettuce and green beans to a salad, it suddenly becomes French. Of course that only happens if the beans are haricots verts and the lettuce is frisee. Maybe that was our problem, maybe because we had to substitute the frisee lettuce for Romaine, we couldn’t achieve the requisite level of Frenchness. Because this meal was just rubbish, a poorer version of yesterday’s already dull meal, minus the sausage. We may have to go make some pasta so we don’t feel that we have been cheated out of dinner two days in a row.

I would have to argue that this isn’t really a whole new meal compared to yesterday; perhaps if the salad dressing had changed, or there had been some mayonnaise in the potato salad, French Salade Superb wouldn’t feel like such a cop-out of a recipe variation. This recipe screams of lack of inspiration on the part of the author. Oh well, at least we’re done with the potato salads, for now at least. Tomorrow we’ll be having the perfect food for a summer evening; Baby and Big Bella Mushroom and Chicken Stew. Stew, oh yes.

This afternoon we had a home inspection done on our new house. Interestingly the man of the house refused to leave because his wife is leaving him and selling the house. The inspection went really well, despite the presence of an elderly man sleeping upstairs; it was great to spend some time in there measuring up and discussing new projects. There were only a couple of minor points, but overall the house is in great condition. There is a nest of tiny brand new baby birds on the back deck and a heavily pregnant lady in the house opposite. In my hormonal state I’ll choose to believe that these are great signs for raising our little brood. After the inspection we agreed to drop the price on our place substantially, which is making us a little twitchy. The point is to make our condo such a bargain that someone simply has to buy it, immediately. Let’s hope that happens, rather than leaving us with an empty cheap condo for sale. In the grand scheme of things, it could always be worse. The price drop is less stressful than the thought of not being able to sell, I suppose. Provided someone buys the place… Anyway, in other news, it’s Baby A’s Spring Concert tomorrow. We cannot wait. My money is still on “Rain, rain, go away”, although L thinks “Old MacDonald” may be in there. We’ll let you know.

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  • Reply Hayley June 1, 2007 at 4:07 am

    Can’t wait to hear all about Baby A’s Spring Concert. Did you have to knit a costume? If you’re lucky you might get Baa Baa Black Sheep.
    Food sounds disappointing yesterday – hope you get something better today.

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