Day 154: A distinct improvement

June 3, 2007


This evening we made Smoky Chipotle Chili Con Queso Mac which was a great improvement on the recipe variation we made yesterday. The chicken was replaced with ground beef, the chile powder with powdered chipotle, the cheddar cheese was replaced by smoked cheddar, fire roasted diced tomatoes were added to the cheese sauce, and chopped scallions were sprinkled on top of the dish. The meal was not browned under the broiler, saving us from having to clean another dish and turn on the oven on this hot evening.

The one thing I thought was a a little strange was that the tomatoes were added to the cheese sauce rather than cooked with the beef. It seemed that the meat would be richer if the tomato was cooked with the onion, garlic and jalapeño. It was good to actually use fire roasted diced tomatoes rather than cheaper tinned tomatoes. They were much more strongly flavoured and are something that we should start to buy in future. I can actually imagine occasionally eating those tinned tomatoes, which is certainly new for us.

All together this meal was easy to make and tasty to eat. It’s not a fancy meal but it is something that we would make again on a cold night. Next time we might add more jalapeño and chipotle to up the spice level, but all things considered this was a success. Tomorrow we need to stock up on cod to make Indian-Asian Seared Cod with Cilantro-Mint Chutney and Sweet Pea and Coconut Jasmine Rice which sounds a little on the complicated side. We’ll probably make it for lunch as I start teaching again on Monday nights as of tomorrow.

We have two showings of our condo tomorrow so we have our fingers and toes crossed that something happens this week. The people who were supposed to come around today cancelled, presumably once they realised that they wouldn’t be able to park within a twenty block radius of our condo. It was mildy annoying because we had spent the morning cleaning and vacating the place for them to come round. It’s amazing how much time we are spending cleaning the house every single day. I know that there are people who clean and vacuum literally every day; I’ve never understood why you would do that, but I suppose it is nice to have a clean house. Baby A is terrified of the vacuum cleaner, but also strangely obsessed by it, as she is with all machines. A few times a day we have to go around and high five the hoover and the little hoover. Bizarre times.

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