Day 156: If only we were all this rich

June 5, 2007

This evening L and I had to keep Baby A out of the house for as long as possible while someone was supposed to be viewing our place. We took her for coffee then to the park then whisked her home as the melt-down hour approached. We couldn’t find any signs that anyone had been here at all. Normally Pixie, our most scaredy-cat digs herself into the middle of the bedding, then falls asleep all covered up. After declining to eat any Pad Thai (no daughter of mine) we started to get Baby A ready for her bath, then our realtor arrived with a couple who may be interested in buying our place when they move from Chicago. The woman could not only walk in towering stilletos, she shares the same name as our daughter; let’s call her Lady A. Obviously a sign. They seemed to like the place, and spent quite a lot of time looking while Baby A got increasingly prune-like in the bath. She has started “cooking” in the bath; sometimes it’s soup, sometimes pasta with bubble sauce, sometimes just bubble bath, obviously. She does not like to cook the toy fish though, that will not be tolerated. Probably because it makes the house smell, despite copious amounts of cover-up with the air freshener. When we got back tonight, the smell in the air was distinctly cinnamon-fish.

Anyway, once the people finally left, L and I set about making Sweet and Savory Stuffed Veal Rolls with a Mustard Pan Sauce. This is fairly straightforward to make, if a little on the fiddly side. The stuffing for the rolls consists of golden raisins, green olives, pine nuts, parsley, lemon zest, parmesan, mozzarella, salt and pepper. It is rolled up onto slices of prosciutto, laid on top of the veal scallopini. It is pretty tricky to assemble the rolls, even with four hands, but a few toothpicks anchored them enough to start the frying process. The pan sauce was made with onion, garlic, tomato paste, thyme, chicken stock and mustard, simmered for a while until reduced.

The rolls were to be served with a green salad and crusty bread. We had so much of the filling left over that we just added it to the salad. It was actually great on salad; a little crunchy, a little cheesy, a little savoury, a little sweet. The stuffed rolls are really good but they were ridiculously rich. The flavours were dense and complicated, and even a mouthful made you feel extremely full and satisfied. Neither of us ate more than one of the rolls, and we’re debating if they will be good in a packed lunch tomorrow, and whether they’d be odd in a sandwich. It’s hard to describe the rolls; they are sweet and salty, crunchy and cheesy. The prosciutto was a definite feature; in the past it has tended to be overshadowed, but here it’s presence was noted. The rolls are definitely worth making, perhaps in a flattened chicken breast or thin cut boneless pork chop, rather than in veal. A vegetarian option would be to put the stuffing into a portobello mushroom cap and grill it. I just mentioned that to L and he said, “then you wouldn’t have to roll it”. Ahem, obviously, although it would be funny to try.

Tomorrow we have another evening showing, so there’ll be more tantrums in the park, hooray. I really hope someone will buy our house so we can stop keeping it so clean and having to stay out of it all the time. The couple today made me sad, in an overly hormonal pregnant sort of way. They were so young and trendy it made me feel so middle aged and parental. They reminded me of us when we bought this place, when we were so excited to move to the city and try out all the bars and restaurants. Obviously they were much better dressed than we ever were. And Lady A could certainly wear the heels. I did that once, when we were in DC a few weeks ago; my feet are still suffering. When we finally get to come home tomorrow we will make Warm Tangerine and Grilled Chicken Salad served on Grilled Garlic Crisps which sounds suitably summery and light, and relatively odour-free.

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