Day 159: Of burgers, boo boo’s and babies

June 8, 2007

The day got off to a bit of a rough start when we discovered a brand new dark, mole-like thing on Baby A’s incredibly fair head over breakfast. We are going to get it checked out next week. After breakfast, the wee girl was running around in the hall, brushed against the doorframe, lost her balance and smashed her face off part of the babygate. She split her lip and got a not-so-nice bruise/ graze on her chin. Coupled with her bruised temple from a recent fall she’s looking a little rough.

The day did pick up when we saw Baby #2 in 4 dimensions. It was hilarious. The machine is brand new so the doctor was using us as guinea pigs to learn how to operate the new-fangled technology. For a long time we looked at sections of the uterine wall, in its many dimensions, but ultimately we got a good look at the little one. She is all girl and seems to be growing well, and has a very cute profile. She also appears to have the adorable shovel hands of her big sister. The quality of the images is outstanding compared to those we got on the old machine a couple of weeks ago. We have more somewhat terrifying-looking shots of her skull, this time printed in better quality; obviously she is a great beauty.

This evening, we made another dish with a stupid title; Burly-Man-Size Chicken-Cheddar Barbecued Burgers with Spicy Coleslaw. Are these burgers supposed to be the size of a burly man, or are they burly burgers the size of a man? We need to know. The burgers are tasty and moist and succulent, but the ingredients that make them so are problematic. The ground chicken is mixed with scallions, cubed chedder and barbecue sauce. The sauce makes the burgers very wet; even after we added flour to counteract the stickiness, one of ours completely flopped apart. The cheese squares melted to the pan, and burned to the base, aiding and abetting in the disintegration of the burger. Overall, the meat tasted good, but looked pretty unappealing by the time it was served.

The burger was served in a roll with spicy coleslaw. Having made a number of these coleslaw side dishes this year, we pretty much knew in advance that we probably were not going to like this one. And we were right. Mayonnaise, lime juice, hot sauce and salt and pepper were mixed together and added to the red cabbage, red pepper, scallions, cilantro and parsley. As far as critical commentary goes, L said it ‘tasted bogging’. The flavour combinations just seemed wrong, and the lime juice/ hot sauce/ mayonnaise combination did not gel particularly well with the cheesey barbecue burger. The burgers were served with waffle-cut fries which we managed to undercook. My fault entirely due to impatience brought on by hunger. In my haste to serve dinner, I seem to have tried to stop the baking sheet from sliding around with my finger. That would be a baking sheet that just came out of a 450? oven. And that would be one finger minus a fingerprint and the ability to exist when not in contact with a frozen object at all times. The meal was ok, nothing too interesting, nothing worth repeating. The burger was the highlight, the coleslaw the low-light, but the overall effect was a bit too canteen-like or bad pub-food-like.

To round the day off, just as I opened the door to go and collect a prescription (clutching the frozen part of Baby A’s “Boo Boo Bunny”, which she finds neither cute nor comforting), a realtor and two clients walked into the house. They somehow had a showing that we hadn’t been told about so we had to invite them in, well, let them stay in. They had the dubious honour of viewing the house complete with odd bits of dirty laundry and random shoes and toys lying around. By any other standards our house would seem pretty immaculate to us, but as we are now regularly cleaning for Britain it seemed to be in some state. They didn’t stay long, I’d be very surprised if they were interested in the place. Still, at least someone came round, we were starting to get a little despondent.

Tomorrow we have a vegetarian friend coming for dinner so we are going to cook Super-Grilled Steak Sandwich with Horseradish-Dijon Cream and Spicy Greens for lunch. Hopefully by then I’ll be able to take my finger off a frozen ham steak to type with more than one hand. I think I’m going to tape something frozen to my hand so that I can sleep tonight. At least thanks to Ms Ray we have plenty of meat in the freezer.

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    You know, I’ve tried so many slaw recipies and some were good, some were bad. But you can’t beat the convenience of Marzetti’s Slaw Dressing. It’s delicious and, best of all, ready to add to the cabbage to make slaw in an instant. It hardly seems worth the trouble of following a recipe for something so simple.

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