Day 162: Another day, another chicken salad

June 11, 2007

For lunch today we made Orange and Herb Chicken Caesar, which is essentially the exact same meal we made yesterday, with three changes:

  1. The lime zest and juice in the salad dressing was replaced with the zest and juice of an orange.
  2. There was no avocado in the salad.
  3. The cumin and chili seasoning on the chicken breast was replaced with thyme and rosemary.

The changes, in fairness, had a minimal impact. I think that part of the problem could be that the Tex-Mex aspect to the chicken yesterday was not particularly pronounced. The chili and cumin were there, and they flavoured the chicken reasonably well, but they certainly were not strong tastes. So the change to herb chicken did not make a great difference. The substitution of orange for the lime was a subtle one. Perhaps some orange segments in the salad would have reinforced the orange taste. The lack of avocado was appreciated, however. Overall, this is another strong meal but it is not substantially different to what we ate yesterday. Good thing we liked it, I have to say.

Tomorrow we have to track down some lamb for Lamb Chops and Early Spring Salad. Hopefully by then we’ll have some news about our housing situation, one way or the other.

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