Day 164: Celebrate good times, come on

June 13, 2007

After an anxious night of fitful sleep, this morning we went to see what was in store for us at the realtors’ office. When we left the house we didn’t even make the bed or do the remaining washing up, we just went out, for the first time in a month. There were two offers for us to consider; one from a lady who wanted to buy her son a fully furnished condo where he could live with a room mate and attend college. The other offer was from the lovely-seeming couple relocating from Chicago. The realtor for the lady came to the office to present the offer. Since learning that there was a competing offer, she raised her original bid by $14,000 to bring it to $1,000 over the current asking price. The offer was contingent on a successful home inspection, and we had 3 hours to agree to it or she would walk away from the table. The closing date was in a month, two weeks before we are closing on our new place. The second offer was presented to us; it was for $100 less, but they did not want an inspection and we could name our own closing date. We took the second offer, and agreed to close on the day that we have to pay for our new place, but for them to move in mid-August. We offered to pay their rent for August, and they were more than happy to agree. Provided they don’t have any issue with our archaic condo documents, they will soon be the happy owners of our lovely home. We’ll have two weeks to rip up carpets, decorate and install an Ikea kitchen before moving into the new place, and we should all be happy.

We are ridiculously relieved that the showing process is over and that we got our asking price. We’d already braced ourselves for getting way less for our condo than we had paid, but it would have been hard to accept a lowball offer. I don’t think that the full impact of the transaction will hit us until we are actually packing to move. It’s a little bittersweet, in all honesty; we have loved living here and will be sorry to go. We are so happy that the buyers seem to have fallen in love with the place just like we did. But a garage and a wee garden and stairs on the inside will be so much better for our family, long-term. We will really miss the gigantically high ceilings that we have here, but we’ll take the memories. And the statue of St Joseph we found outside and eventually buried. Every little helps, even in a house of skeptics.

After a trip to the paediatrician where we learned that Baby A should pretty much always wear a hat in the sun, plus some cough medicine advice, we set about making London Broil with Mushroom Vinaigrette. This is an easy meal, but I have to say half an hour later I am a bit hungry. Having said that, I am also firmly in the stage of pregnancy where I need to eat and eat and eat. Our mighty slab of steak was briefly marinated in Worcestershire sauce, olive oil and salt and pepper, before being grilled on a high heat. The accompaniment was made by sautéeing quartered mushrooms for five minutes then adding onion, garlic and thyme. Once the onions were softened, the heat was turned off, then sherry vinegar and Dijon mustard were stirred into the vegetables. With the chopped parsley, a hefty glug of olive oil was supposed to be whisked in. We added merely a slither. The recipe says to serve with a spinach salad. We added some chopped strawberries for a bit of colour and variation.

This meal is certainly reasonably tasty, although personally I could have managed some carbohydrates in there. The vinaigrette was a slightly odd component to the meal; with some cream it would have been the perfect steak sauce. As a sort of steak salad dressing it was a little peculiar, although it wasn’t bad. Mushrooms and mustard are always reasonably good bedfellows, but I am not sorry that we didn’t add tablespoons of extra oil. Tomorrow we will be having Pan-Roasted Garlic and Herb Chicken Breasts with Chopped Salad and Creamy Caper Dressing, followed by three days of soup. We’ll keep our celebrating until their legal pulling-out as a result of the condo documents/ finances period is over, with the sophisticated and glamorous sounding Chili Dog Bacon Cheeseburgers and Fiery Fries. As Baby A would say, Yummo.

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