Day 172: The crepetacular spectacular

June 21, 2007

This evening L polished off the dusty crown of the pancake master, the crepe king, and restored the title to its rightful owner. He made some beautiful crepes, each one better than the last, until he hit pancake perfection. Ham and Swiss Crepes with Chopped Salad is a fantastic summer meal; it’s quick, easy, delicious and extremely appetising. There is perhaps quite a lot of oil and butter in this meal, but the overall effect is of a light and delicate dish.

The pancake batter is made with eggs, flour, melted butter, salt, brandy and milk whisked together then allowed to rest for twenty minutes. The skillet is heated over a medium low heat and drizzled with oil. The batter is poured into the pan to thinly cover, and the pancake flipped after the first side is browned. The filling of slivers of Black Forest ham, Swiss cheese, salt and pepper is arranged on half of the crepe, and it is folded in half. It is cooked for a little longer until the cheese begins to melt, and then served. L made it look utterly effortless, although the first was considerably more omelette like than the wafer-thin final effort. Baby A will get what is left of the first one for lunch tomorrow; she may be confused but hopefully she’ll like it. If I had been making the crepes, I know from past experience that they would be either super-fat, or burnt, or both. I get too anxious trying to do the flip and invariably make a stuck-together disaster. They do, however, still taste good.

The salad was a winner this evening. We could only get red cherry tomatoes, rather than the red and yellow mix, but it was still good, albeit a little less colourful. The tomatoes, cucumber, watercress, red onion, parsley and basil were chopped and added to the bowl. A simple dressing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar completed the salad. The meal, as you may have gathered, was a great success, and we’d certainly make it again. Maybe next summer we’ll bring this one out into regular rotation.

Tomorrow we will be having Greek Bread Salad with Grilled Shrimp which looks rather like the salad we had tonight plus feta and bread. I’m already concerned that the bread will get soggy in the dressing, but maybe that will be a fabulous thing. We have a hectic day ahead of us tomorrow, and also have to fit in a visit to Home Depot. We are trying to finalise our decisions on tile for the kitchen and bathroom (yawn) which has been a long, drawn-out, excruciatingly dull process filled with indecision. More importantly, I need to get some paint to match our bathroom. If you are about to move house, I would highly recommend not spilling hair dye all over the walls and cupboard. You might just find that the permanent hair dye has pretty good staying power on the paint. And evidently also on the shoulders and neck.

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