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Day 174: It’s a burger filled with hot dog and topped with cheese and bacon

June 23, 2007


This evening L and I made Chili Dog Bacon Cheeseburgers and Fiery Fries [recipe] while deliberating paint colours for the new house. We are pretty much decided other than the room for the new baby. We don’t fancy pastel shades, and Baby A has a monopoly on bright green, our only choice so far. We spent the best part of this morning looking at tile for the bathroom and kitchen with Baby A in tow. She was pretty well behaved, getting an enormous shock when she accidentally knocked a tile off the wall, shattering it into many pieces. The staff there were great; fortunately it was only a $6 tile and not a $100 one so they didn’t care. The only real downside to the morning was discovering that of the two toddlers claiming territory at the play table, the one who stank was of course our daughter. And why not? There was no changing table and I only had 3 wipes, 1 nappy, no changing mat and no change of clothes. The back of the car change was certainly novel, particularly as Baby A decided to “help”. I’ll say no more on that one.

We need to choose all these new house things so that we can order them in time for them to be in stock when we get possession of the new place. Yesterday we chose new appliances for the kitchen- a huge amount of cash but at least a new fridge seems a bit more substantial than a splashback. I can’t wait to have a fancy-dancy new fridge with an ice and water dispenser in the door. We truly will be living the American dream. Speaking of the dream, our daughter gets more American by the day, which should be no surprise given that we live here. But I never thought our kid would want to go round high-five-ing mowers and grills in Home Depot. Two times.

Anyway, so tonight we made the burger meal. The burgers would probably be pretty good, if it wasn’t for the chunks of hot dog inside. Amazingly the hot dog flavoured the whole burger, overpowering both the chili and the hot sauce, until everything tasted like one big hot dog-burger hybrid. That’s not a good thing, at least not in our book. The burgers were topped with cheese and bacon, and may as well have had some extra lard thrown in there for good measure. Speaking of lard, the oven fries were topped with a melted butter-garlic-chive-hot sauce concoction to make the fries “fiery”, and fat. We don’t need any extra fat, really we don’t. I know I’m pregnant and starting to look very pregnant, but I’m starting to feel like I’m growing another baby in my butt. And one in each thigh. I’d rather not have mountains of oneyearproject weight to lose along with projectbaby weight, although I imagine it’s inevitable. I’m happy to deal with the projecticecream weight however, life’s too short. At least we had salad yesterday. We made an extra burger and thought that maybe Baby A could have it tomorrow, but I think we might skip on that. She doesn’t need to be introduced to such trash from such an early age. We might as well break out the corn dogs with some vegetable oil for a dip.

Tomorrow we get a reprieve from the junk food with Indian Tofu and Spinach over Almond Rice. In the introduction to the recipe Rachael Ray says that she doesn’t “get” tofu, but that some of her friends do, so this recipe is for them. We’re pretty thankful for those friends. I wonder if they put hot dogs inside their burgers.

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  • Reply Joannie June 24, 2007 at 5:23 am

    Hot dog inside a hamburger? Really, it’s like she’s just tossing random foods together and seeing what happens. Only she published the book before she realized that what happens is not always a good idea. I’m sorry you had to eat that.

  • Reply Helen | One Year Project July 1, 2007 at 8:15 pm

    Ha ha, I couldn’t agree more!

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