Day 177: 95 Degrees and humid as can be: let’s eat soup

June 26, 2007

This evening, L and I made My Mom’s 15-Minute Tomato and Bean Stoup [recipe], and sweated just that little bit more. I may have mentioned how hot it is outside, and also in our kitchen, so the prospect of a thick, comforting soup was not terribly appealing. On the plus side, we were mightily pleased that we didn’t have to turn on the oven to make garlic bread. This soup, er stoup, is extremely quick and easy to make. Apparently Rachael Ray’s mother threw it together one day when it was raining and our heroine had the beginnings of a cold. The recipe originated using whatever was in the house; green beans, yellow beans, celery, carrots, onion, garlic and zucchini with stock, tomatoes, red pepper flakes, basil and Parmigiano cheese. Incidentally, the recipe on the Food Network website says that green beans and a tin of white or cannelini beans were used, where the recipe book calls for frozen green and yellow beans. Presumably there’s some creative license involved in recalling recipes, or perhaps there were two different stoups on two different rainy occasions.

Anyway, not to split hairs, this is a very good soup. It’s rich and satisfying and tastes nutritious and healing. Unfortunately, even with our air conditioner running in the lounge at full blast, it’s still very warm in here. The butter I brought in to serve on the crusty bread was melted by the end of dinner, just sitting on the table. So suffice to say, we may have been pretty hot and bothered by the end of this dish. And craving ice cream and sorbet and all things cold. It is good, but I’d save it for February in ideal circumstances.

Tomorrow we will be tackling Seared Greens with Cheese Ravioli and Sage Butter followed by Fried Greens with Ham and Eggs. Brace yourself for all the I will not eat it on a boat, I would not feed it to a goat references, I have a feeling I won’t be able to help myself.

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