Day 181: There was no sangria in the park

June 30, 2007

The Summer Solstice may have been and gone, but today felt like the longest day ever. Baby A decided to wake up at the crack of dawn, and by 8am was a tired and grumpy little girl. We took her out to the tile shop to make our final final decisions, but we were an hour too early. That never ever happened in my life pre-baby. We killed time in the park, for a change, then went back to look at tile. Amazingly we found good solutions for the bathroom and kitchen that we are both happy with; not crazily expensive, not from the new ceramic crocodile skin range, not too shiny, not too beige, not too grown up. Baby A played reasonably happily at the play table until she had a major disagreement with the way L put the lid back on her box of snacks after saying “lid on”. To cut a long story short, we witnessed her first ever public tantrum; rolling on the floor, inconsolable screaming, the works. I took her outside, we talked, she calmed down, we went back in, she had another tantrum. Second time round we sat in the car until she had calmed down, then went back in. It seemed to do the trick and she was sweetness and light once more. But wowser, she can be quite scary. What happened to our baby? We had a few other incidents during the day, all of which were equally bizarre. It’s like trying to assist an extremely drunk couple in communicating while arguing, except condensed into one mid-size toddler. Hopefully she’ll sleep better tonight and be nice A again tomorrow.

Anyway, tonight we had the dubious pleasure of making the imaginatively titled Scallop Burgers. They were to be the same as the swordfish burgers of yesterday, except using scallops, excluding the garlic, adding chives and Old Bay seasoning, and replacing the lemon zest for orange zest. That works great in theory. However, the puréed scallops were like a pile of slop in the food processor. Not even a pile; a pool of slop. We added copious amounts of flour and breadcrumbs in an attempt to make the mixture thick enough to form into patties. Eventually L spooned a couple of piles of the thickened slop into the pan and fried up some sort of burgers. They were served on charred buns with the red onion, lettuce and orange slice combination of yesterday. Chips and salad rounded out the meal.

The burgers were very much on the bland side. Scallops are extremely delicate in flavour and making them into “burgers” doesn’t make alot of sense. There was nothing of note here, there were no strong flavours for the scallops to absorb. The texture was like a fritter, rather than a burger. They lacked the solidity and meatiness of the meal yesterday; they were soft and sloppy. Even the addition of the orange zest did not go far to justify the orange slice/ red onion serving suggestion which seemed so incongruous yesterday. These burgers would be better off with ketchup. Overall a waste of time and effort. Still, what else is there to do? We have done this for six whole months, we can’t give up now. All I really wanted for dinner was a stiff drink…

Tomorrow we are having Chicken with White and Wild Rice Soup. It may be the time to mention, as I am ridiculously tired and stupidly grumpy, that although this book is marketed as recipes to take you day by day throughout the year, that notion hasn’t really been properly thought out. For who in their right minds would propose soup on the first of July? Maybe this book was actually meant to be directed towards the Australian market. A quick check of the forecast for Sydney reveals it’s not even that cold there. Maybe It’s soup weather in Siberia.

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  • Reply Amy August 28, 2007 at 2:00 pm

    I make these with shrimp, because they’re cheaper here. They are quite sloppy when you take them out of the processor, but they never fall apart on me in the pan. I do think though that you need to not grind them until they’re complete mush. Although I don’t pay attention so well and do that sometimes.

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