Day 186: Remember me to one who lives there, she once was a true love of mine

July 5, 2007

This afternoon, work was cut short and our grocery shopping trip abandoned when we got a phonecall from Baby A’s daycare saying that she had bad diarrhea, and that we should come and pick her up. When we arrived she was having a great time blowing bubbles, and seemed on top form. Nevertheless, we brought her home where she seemed on reasonably good form, except for when she wasn’t. We got a phonecall from the new owner of our condo who wanted to show the place to her mum. Just like in the good old days of serenading the real estate market, we had to spend an hour or so doing an emergency clean and tidy. Or at least L did, while I chaperoned Baby A and her pedialyte ice pop. We tried to clean A’s pedialyte-died skin in both of her baths this evening, to no avail. She has red streaks all over her legs and arms. It looks brutal.

Anyway, after all the kerfuffle, we set about making 30-Minute Chicken Under a Brick. We couldn’t find chicken breasts with skin and bones intact, so we used some thighs we had in the freezer. A bay leaf and some crushed garlic was shoved under the skin (always a grim job) and the skin was smothered in olive oil. On top of this went a mixture of lemon zest, grill seasoning, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. The chicken went skin side down into a hot skillet, with another pan placed on top. A brick was supposed to weigh down the pan to flatten the chicken and allow the skin to get crisp; we used a huge tin of pineapple and filled the rest of the pan with water. We were concerned that the herbs would burn like last time, but there was enough fat in there with the chicken skin to keep everything nice and moist. Once the skin was crispy, the chicken went in the oven to finish cooking for around 15 minutes.

Meanwhile we made a salad of romaine hearts, chopped herbs and raddichio. Honey, mustard and lemon juice were mixed together for the dressing, and the salad was served alongside the chicken. The chicken was remarkably good. It was moist, succulent, tasty and very rich in flavour; the crispy skin was deliciously indulgent after so many months of dry chicken breasts. The cooking method seemed very successful, and the fact that we were having thighs with their moist brown meat probably helped too. The salad was good, the dressing tangy. We were missing the crusty bread because we didn’t get to the shops, but it was still a hearty satisfying meal. It was a little on the fatty side, but in a good crunchy indulgent way, rather than a soggy repulsive way.

Tomorrow we will be making Steak Sandwich… Knife and Fork Required which I believe may include puff pastry, one of my all time favourites. Hopefully the little one will be feeling better and able to handle a knife and fork for dinner. That’s not asking too much, presumably.

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