Day 19: This is not the meal you are looking for

January 19, 2007


Appearances can be deceptive. When we first started this project, a friend mentioned that she knew a food photographer that we could contact. Obviously as the photographer would have to come round every night, in the few minutes between us cooking and eating, for an entire year, that option was out of the question. So instead, every night we put the food on a plate and take about ten photos of it on the dining table. The dining room is just outside Baby A’s bedroom door, so we have to be very quiet and very quick. Then we take the meal to the other end of the condo and eat sitting on the floor at the coffee table. That is because we are classy and that. Presumably at some point this year we’ll start eating earlier and dine with the baby at the dining table. But until then, we won’t. After dinner we upload the photos and choose the best one. The point being that this meal actually photographed pretty well. The sausages look tasty, and the peppers look like a good addition. Don’t be fooled.

Rachael Ray says that this meal, Rosemary Corn Cakes with Prosciutto, and Chicken Sausages with Hot and Sweet Peppers [recipe], is good for B-L-D. By which she means, it can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Unfortunately, it will N-B-E-H-A-N-E. By which I mean, it will not be eaten here again; not ever. The “Corn Cakes” were essentially pancakes made with a box of Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix with added rosemary and prosciutto. They seemed ok at first, but the sweet and salty flavours didn’t work well together. We couldn’t help thinking that they would have been more successful without the prosciutto, which was a bit of a waste of half a packet of the pricey stuff. The chicken sausage and hot peppers tasted exactly as they sound. Maybe Baby A will enjoy the mountain of leftover corn cakes in the morning.

Overall, this felt too much like a breakfast gone wrong. I wouldn’t want to have it for breakfast, and we’d rather have had cereal for dinner. Tomorrow, another “stoup” with some kind of fried sandwich. We’ll start counting the hours until our twice-monthly salad comes around on Sunday night.

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