Day 190: No gain no pain lo mein and fish

July 9, 2007

This afternoon L and I almost melted whilst cooking Crunchy Japanese Fish with Vegetable and Noodle Toss, what with the cooking and heating and all that. This meal is not exactly difficult, it just required some upfront preparation. The vegetable and noodle toss, or “No-Pain Lo Mein”, as it is also called, consists of cooked spaghetti stir fried with garlic, ginger, shredded carrots, beansprouts, red pepper, scallions and water chestnuts. The liquid content was provided by some tamari soy sauce. The haddock was seasoned with salt, cayenne pepper, lemon zest and juice, before being breaded in a Panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) substitute. The recipe called for Rice Krispies, half crushed and half intact, to be mixed with parsley and chives, and stuck to the fish once it has been coated in melted butter. It is then to be oven baked until golden. I put the oven on and then set about picking the freeze-dried strawberries out of our box of Rice Krispies. I’ll never understand how there are no strawberries to be found in the box when you are eating the Krispies as cereal, and yet as soon as you need them for breadcrumbs, wham!; all the strawberries from at least the last three boxes appear in your bowl. Once I had made the breading for the fish I left the room to go and answer the phone. When I returned, L was happily pan-frying the fish whilst sweating that little bit more from the heat provided by the oven, nice. Oops. Och well, life goes on. And we are very tired over here.

Ultimately the pan-fried haddock may have not been exactly how it would have been had it been oven baked, but it was pretty damn tasty. It was crunchy and a little sweet, whilst having a nice kick to it from the spice and lemon. I am not a big fish fan, but this was certainly a winner. And would probably have been even better without the added fat from the frying process. The noodle toss was pleasant enough, in that pasta is always good and it was nice to eat some crunchy stir-fried vegetables for a change, but really it was quite dull. Just adding soy sauce didn’t make a great deal of culinary impact, and the garlic and ginger were both subtle enough as to be underwhelming. This dish isn’t bad, but it could have certainly been easily improved with a slightly more complex sauce.

Tomorrow we will be having Super Marsala Burgers and Arugula-Tomato Salad, before beginning our 5-day stint of ricotta pasta. 5 days in a row, let’s see how grumpy we are at the end of that run. Still, at least we shouldn’t have to turn the oven on. Now if you’ll excuse me I have been given a mountain of maternity clothes from a friend, and I need to go and enjoy that Christmas feeling before getting ready for work.

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