Day 191: It’s chicken, it’s a burger, it’s actually quite good

July 10, 2007

After a somewhat perplexing day, L and I set about making Super Marsala Burgers and Arugula-Tomato Salad. The ground chicken is mixed with shallots, parsley, sage, garlic, grill seasoning, olive oil and Worcestershire sauce, formed into patties and fried. We had to add a wee handful of breadcrumbs as the patties were a little on the sloppy side. Once the burgers are cooked they are topped with fontina cheese and a mushroom-onion concoction. This is made by saut√©eing sliced onions and portobello mushrooms in a mixture of olive oil and butter. Once the mushrooms have turned deep brown, they are seasoned with salt and pepper and supplemented with a splash of Marsala. When the liquid has cooked down into a glaze, they are ready to serve. The burgers sit within a bread bun that has been toasted, rubbed with cracked garlic and drizzled with olive oil. We omitted the extra fat (monthly weigh-ins at the doctors are a good incentive, at least the day following a big number). The burger is served with a tomato and arugula salad dressed simply in olive oil and salt and pepper. “Fancy chips” are served alongside.

We hit burger fatigue a while ago with this project, but this meal was a surprising winner. The fact that there were no chunks of bacon or hot dog inside no doubt helped, this was just a good normal burger. It was succulent and tasty with a delicate flavour provided by the herbs and garlic. The Marsala mushrooms were a great addition; they were both rich and successful. The salad was pretty dull in all honesty, and the “fancy chips” were both chips in the American stylee, and fancy. Not a bad dinner all in all, can’t complain, although nothing too exciting.

Tomorrow we begin our epic voyage into the land of ricotta pasta with Ricotta Pasta with Grape Tomatoes, Peas and Basil. This part one of a five part installment, hopefully not one made directly for TV.

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