Day 197: More pasta, this time in soup

July 16, 2007


On a gloriously hot summer afternoon, it might seem a little insane to make soup, specifically About 15-Minute Soup with Spinach, Artichokes, and Tortellini. It is strange behaviour to eat soup on a hot day, but that old adage that hot drinks cool you down more than cold haunts in the background. If by cooling down they mean ‘make you sweat profusely’, then presumably we should consider ourselves cooled. However the sticky sweatiness does not feel so pleasant right now, I’d take an iced drink over a cuppa no question. Anyway, sweatiness aside, charming as it is and all, this soup is ridiculously easy to make. Maybe we’re getting the hang of this cooking thing, but it did actually only take 15 minutes to cook this meal, from start to finish. Onions and mushrooms are sautéed in olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. About five minutes later, some artichoke hearts are thrown in to the mix with some chicken stock. When that has come to a boil, a package of refrigerated tortellini is added, with chopped spinach wilted in at the last minute. The soup is served with cheese on top and crusty bread to the side.

I picked up three-cheese tortellini this morning, and was vaguely amused to discover that one of the cheeses is ricotta. So technically we have had 6 days of the white stuff rather than 5. Not to worry, that was self-inflicated. The recipe called for any variety of tortellini; I suppose we could have had chicken. Moving on, this pasta soup unfortunately falls very much on the bland side. It tastes of pasta cooked in chicken broth, with a few floating vegetables. We may or may not have attempted to spice it up with some fiery pepper salami, half way through eating. This soup just felt like it was lacking something in the flavour department, and a wee bit of salami made it much more appealing. We made a very similar soup once from a Cooking Light recipe, when I was in post-baby slim down phase. It was much tastier because it had garlic, lemon juice and some herbs. This version is just too dull I am afraid.

Tomorrow we will be cooking White Beans, Pancetta, and Pasta, which sounds pleasant enough, on paper at least. We are still attempting to get our heads around the logistics of moving. We have at least booked a moving company, so we know it is definitely going to happen. For better or worse, it’s certainly all going to be very interesting. We better stock up on some toys for Baby A. The baby inside, Baby #2 seems to be growing alarmingly, and quickly stretching the confines of her current home. There’s a theme there somewhere. It’s hard to believe that there is almost 3 more months to go- there are feet and arms flying all over the place, with accompanying bouncing on my bladder. Och well, sleeping at night is over-rated anyway.

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