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Day 20: Cheeeeeeeese toastie

January 20, 2007

This evening we made Black Bean Stoup and Southwestern Monte Cristos cheese and ham toasties [recipe]. When you read the word cheese toastie, please imagine it is being screamed across a busy canteen by one of the dinner ladies at Edinburgh College of Art, in a very, very strong Scottish accent. And then you can pretend that you were eating at our place tonight, where that was the main sentence in a recurring theme.

Anyway, yes, soup and a sandwich; a fine feast indeed for a winter’s night. The black bean soup was hearty, warming, tasty and good. It had crunchy bits and squishy bits, chilli bits and creamy topping. Perfect really. The Southwestern Monte Cristos cheese and ham toasties were dipped in egg and fried. They also contained turkey, chilli sauce and hot sauce. But really they were just toasties, and could probably have been done in the sandwich maker/ toastie machine. We eat frozen peas in our toasties, but that may be just us, I’m not sure. In fairness, this particular recipe is a million miles from the toasties served in the college canteen. They consisted of two slices of white bread not really sealed together to contain the flavourless orange cheese melted to searing temperatures, with a side of grease dripping down to your elbow. Mmm, college food. It was that or a chip buttie. They really were good.

Anyway, I digress. All in all, a very nice meal tonight. Content we are. And tomorrow, we’ll eat that salad stuff; yummo, as Rachael would say.

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