Day 202: Not quite autumn in July

July 21, 2007


This evening we made Fall Minestrone, a hearty, very solid soup which would be considerably more appropriate to eat on a cold evening. Having spent a day messing around at the river with Baby A, waving at the boats and collecting stones, coming home to soup was less than appealing. I ended up eating mine sitting outside on the porch talking to my mum on the phone, watching the hip young things go out for the evening in their miniature summer outfits. Nothing like eating minestrone on a hot summer night to make you feel out of synch with the world.

The soup itself is very easy, and you pretty much drop the ingredients into the pot as you chop them up. Pancetta and red pepper flakes add a little substance and spike, then an enormous amount of vegetables follow suit. Onion, garlic, carrot, portobello mushrooms, celery, rosemary, sage, zucchini, kale or chard, and diced tomatoes make up the bulk of the soup, with small pasta shapes, chicken and vegetable stock and the rind from a hunk of parmesan rounding out the dish. The soup is served with crusty bread and cheese on top.

This soup is tasty, and it’s good to eat so many vegetables. Minus the cheese and pork, this meal is very healthy. However, for a July day this would have had to be above and beyond the realm of great soup for us to be bowled over. Tomorrow we start our three day run of chicken sausage recipes with Italian Sweet Chicken Sausage Patties with Peppers and Onions on Garlic Buttered Rolls. At least we’ll be able to use up some of the mountain of sausage in the freezer before we move house. Under any other circumstances we’d be frantically eating weird meals just to clear out the cupboards, so that we don’t have to move boxes of food in a couple of weeks. Instead we are still buying plenty of food, which seems counterintuitive to say the least, and yet we are still frantically eating weird meals.

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