Day 204: Meatballs in the chicken stylee

July 23, 2007


This afternoon, L and A are at the park while I whip together Mini Chicken Sausage Meatballs with Gnocchi and Tomato Sauce [recipe] for dinner tonight. So I suppose better get started.

4.15 Oven on for the gnocchi.

4.16 Chop onion and garlic in the food processor; am too lazy to actually use a knife.

4.18 Realize ground chicken is still frozen in the center. Zap in microwave until outside starts to cook and inside still partially frozen.

4.23 Start to assemble meatballs with garlic and onion. Realize that onion is for the tomato sauce, not the meatballs. Chop more garlic, this time by hand.

4.25 Chop up the sundried tomatoes, mix the meatball mixture. Add in fennel and grill seasoning.Everything is a little sloppy, will add some breadcrumbs.

4.28 Meatballs ready to go, put them in oven.

4.29 Realise forgot to add olive oil to the meatballs. Well, I’m sure they are fat enough already. Well they are chicken, so maybe not. Too late now.

4.36 9 minutes to go on the oven timer, start the olive oil for the tomatoes, onions, garlic mix. Oops, may have been overly generous with the red pepper flakes as Baby A will be eating this too…

4.38 Put pan on for gnocchi. Can’t find the gnocchi, where the f is the gnocchi?

4.40 Crisis averted, gnocchi located. Why put groceries away anyway?

4.41 Oven timer beeps, that can’t be right? It was only 5 minutes ago that it said there were 9 minutes left. Maybe I should put the gnocchi on? The meatballs could use a little more cooking time anyway, phew.

4.44 Open tomatoes. Oh. There should be a can of crushed tomatoes aswell as the tomato sauce. Somehow managed to miss that. Ok, well we have some stewed tomatoes, that will have to do.

4.46 Tomatoes are in, the remainder in the fridge. Drips of tomato juice mysteriously seem to be spreading around the kitchen.

4.47 I am sweating like a little pig. Have one hour until I have to leave for work. Gnocchi still not boiling.

4.48 Gnocchi boiling. I am melting. Tomatoes leaking in fridge as a result of the broken plastic container I put them in. Smart.

4.49 OK, time to assemble. Peeps not back from the park.

4.51 Meatballs welded to baking tray.

4.52 All elements present and correct. Let’s stir and serve. I need a shower. Ok, mustn’t forget the basil.

4.55 Lost the cheese. Where is the cheese? OK cheese is under an empty bowl that once had cherries in it. Did I do that? Am I going crazy? Will I find my shoes in the freezer one of these days?

4.56 OK, gnocchi and meatballs, it’s time for your close-up.

4.59 Well, the gnocchi is nice. It’s ridiculously humid today so this is not exactly the ideal meal for the evening. having the oven on was not so pleasant; the kitchen is the temperature of a sauna. OK peeps are home. They left the park because Baby A tried to run away, I suppose there’s a first time for everything, but that’s never a good one. The tomato sauce is a little on the acidic side; not exactly rich and flavoursome. It is quite spicy though, which is good. The meatballs are pretty tasty, although beef or pork would have been even better, I would guess.

5.10 Baby A really likes it, spice and all, which is great. She is drinking a lot of water along the way. OK I need to upload the photo and get ready for work. Attempting to cook solo and blog the attempt is harder work than I bargained for. I thought it would be timesaving, which I guess it maybe was, but it adds a little element of stress to the proceedings.

5.18 Maybe I was a little overly generous on the cheese, the photo is very cheese/ tomato-centric. Well, it is what it is.

Tomorrow we will be having Chicken Sausage on a Roll with Egg and Fontina. Maybe L could cook and I could blog. I am very slow at typing.

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