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Day 205: Lardy McEgg McNasty

July 24, 2007

On this the most humid of days, we set about making Chicken Sausage on a Roll with Egg and Fontina, which is recommended as being suitable for “B, L or D: Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner”. This meal is substantially different from the last two chicken sausage recipes; grill seasoning and fennel are added to the ground meat, but the similarities end there. Also in the bowl with the seasoned chicken there is honey, chopped raisins and parsley. The mixture is formed into patties, fried, and served on a toasted roll. A fried egg and some Fontina cheese are stacked on top of the arrangement, with the cheese melted on the grill, and the ensemble topped with the remaining half of the bread roll.

The construction is relatively straightforward. Our only mishap came when the cheese broke the egg yolk of the fried egg, so we had a runny yolky eruption pouring down the side of the breadroll. Then the melted cheese slid off the egg surface, to make a pile of lardy fat on the baking sheet with the rapidly congealing egg yolk. Appetising this was not. The roll had no directions as to what it should be served with, so we served it all on its lonesome.

I may have mentioned before our general antipathy towards eggs, so we were not particularly excited at the prospect of this meal. We had hoped that the sausage part may be good enough to overule the egginess; alas it was not to be. The sweet savoury sausage thing just wasn’t a winner here. The fennel seemed overpowering, the chicken sausage too dry, and the raisins and honey just seemed out of place. After 6 years in the US, we can almost get our heads around putting maple syrup on breakfast bacon and sausage, if they are being eaten with pancakes, but it still seems weird. Ketchup on savoury, syrup on sweet; that’s the natural order of breakfast, to us at least. At least I can get behind the notion of the cooked breakfast, being British and thus a big fan of the fry-up (extra bacon, no eggs please). L has a hard time with cooked breakfasts, being more of a Continental guy; he’s cereal and yoghurt all the way. So this glorified sausage egg sandwich was not received terribly well. At all. I ate maybe half, L abandoned ship after a couple of bites. Baby A had a lucky escape earlier with a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel. Being jealous of a baby is an ugly thing.

In all honesty, this just wasn’t nice. It tasted of junk food, with the sausage seasonings appearing like half-hearted attempts to elevate the dish to something greater. Unfortunately it never surpassed its egg sausage sandwich origins, and it was too messed around with to be appreciated as a straightforward breakfast dish. Neither fancy nor plain, this meal was one of the less successful ones. Let’s hope the Strip Steaks with a Side of Blue Cheese Spaghetti tomorrow are more successful. They certainly sound more promising, although I will be substituting the cheese of blue for something more pregnancy-friendly.

Speaking of pregnancy (my what a seamless segue), today we had what will probably be our final glimpse of Baby #2 while still on the inside. We went back for another 4D scan, so the doctor could use us as guinea pigs to refine his mad scanning skillz on the new ultrasound machine. It was good fun, the baby, still a girl, both stuck her tongue out and gave us the finger, which were memorable moments most certainly. She looks quite cute but seems to have a bit of a big nose. This assumption could perhaps have just been due to the angles and the background. Or maybe this child will actually have some of my genes. Baby A has been very lucky so far, let’s hope her sister is too.

In other news, we made a bit of headway on packing up our life today. I say we, but in fact L has commandeered the new Harry Potter book so he may have been somewhat preoccupied. As long as he finishes it soon so that I can read it, all will be forgiven. Particularly if he packs up everything else while I read. Very, very slowly. I cleared out most of the dining room today, including our elaborate wooden built in sideboard buffet thing that we certainly won’t miss in the new house. It took us forever to find something to put in the glass windowed doors, given that we have no china or trinkets or anything remotely appropriate. So I laughed a little to myself when I labelled a box as “ornaments” when in fact it contained a bunch of Star Wars figures and an old Tonka truck. Classy we is, most certainly.

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    Glad to hear baby girl didn’t develop a scrotum, what a disappointment that would have been!

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