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Day 206: The bachelors are busted

July 25, 2007


This evening we made Strip Steaks with a Side of Blue Cheese Spaghetti [recipe], which was a welcome return to decent food, after the disaster of yesterday. I have to say that we substituted feta for the blue cheese, but it was still cheesy deliciousness. The recipe is featured on the Food Network website from the 30 Minute Meals episode “Bachelor Buster: Rachael’s making a meal that will satisfy the manliest of bachelors.” I’m not so sure about that, but this certainly is a lot of good, solid, tasty food.

Essentially the strip steak is seasoned with salt and pepper, cooked and then a garlic and chive butter is melted over the meat while it rests. Easy, quick and extroadinarily rich, this preparation method is a winner. The sauce for the spaghetti is made by sautéeing shallots and garlic, then adding flour, chicken stock, heavy cream, the cheese and some sage. It is seasoned with black pepper. Once the spaghetti is tossed in the sauce, bacon crumbles and chopped arugula garnish the dish. The pasta is extremely good; it is rich and satisfying without being too overpowering or cloying. We used half and half rather than heavy cream, and the consistency was still good and it felt a little less indulgent.

Both parts of this meal stand up very well to scrutiny; we really had no criticisms. I would say that they could easily have been split into two more than decent meals, with the richness of both being offset by a green salad. If you are out to impress, this meal is a good one, it seemed easy, quick and relatively foolproof. You may be stuck in the sofa afterwards however for quite some time. Overall, we would make the elements of this meal again, but it is highly unlikely that we’d pair the pasta with the steak, they would both be separate meals. The spagheti reminds me a little of an egg-free carbonara substitute that we used to make quite regularly a few years ago. With some peas it would be perfect.

Tomorrow we have to clean up the condo for the walk-through by the new buyers, go on our walk-through at the new house and source some lamb for Olive-Butter-Slathered Broiled Lamb Chops with Caramelized Zucchini Orzo. That certainly sounds like a good meal, if a little on the hefty side. We were a little panicked that we might have to abandon ship on the project today when the power went out for a while. We had to abandon all attempts to pack and work and just sit very very still. With the window unit and the fans off, the temperature in here rose about 3? in around half an hour. We were melting. Not pleasant. Fortunately the power came back on later, in time for us to cook this evening. What a relief, we got to put the oven on again at full force to bring the kitchen temperature back up to boiling point.

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    This sounds like a really tasty meal. I’ll have to mark it off in my cookbook.

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