Day 21: Imagine you are grilling

January 21, 2007

Picture the scene; the sun is shining, it’s an idyllic warm Spring day. For some reason no one is at work, the toddlers are all playing quietly, and you are surrounded by all your best friends. You laugh at a hilarious joke then take a sip of your cool, refreshing Long Vodka. It’s the perfect moment; you take a mental snapshot of the scene, then help yourself to a serving of Citrus-Marinated Chicken and Orange Salad. It’s light and delicious, a perfect starter for the dishes to come.

Or, alternatively, picture this scene. It’s a cold January night in Minnesota, and the heating in your condo isn’t working properly. The snow is still falling outside and you feel chilled to the bone. What’s for dinner? you wonder. Oh, it’s Citrus-Marinated Chicken and Orange Salad. It’s light and zesty, yet cold, and doesn’t go so well with the hot-buttered toast you are eating it with. because you’re out of crusty fresh bread.

This is a pretty good recipe for a salad, with chicken that you can make on your “outdoor grill”. We had to substitute spinach for the arugula, and we cut the olive oil content down to about a quarter of the original recipe. The dressing was a citrus honey-mustard affair, which we would certainly make again. All in all, it’s difficult to fairly evaluate this recipe because no-one craves salad when they’re cold, but in summer 2008 we may bring this recipe out again.

Tomorrow we have yet more macaroni cheese. Boo’s Butternut Squash Mac-n-Cheese was apparently one of the favourite meals of Rachael Ray’s dog, Boo, before she died. The following day features more of Boo’s favourite foods, including ice cream. Our cats would be gutted if they could only read.

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