Day 210: Frazzled McFrazzly eats Fatty McFat

July 29, 2007

After a long day of socialising, packing, cleaning, working and attempting to entertain a relentlessly needy toddler, we set about making Pumpkin Polenta with Italian Sausage and Fennel [recipe, (with the wrong picture)]. After the successful version of this meal that we made yesterday, we had higher hopes for this dish than we would otherwise had entertained. The polenta had the addition of nutmeg and a cheese swap; Pecorino for the Manchego. The topping consisted of fried Italian sausage, onions and fennel, with the pan deglazed with white wine.

We didn’t add any of the olive oil called for in the sausage pan; there was more than enough sausage fat to go around, in fact it was slightly repulsive. I am going off sausage at an alarming rate. Our ratio of meat to vegetable seemed a little skewed; we had a mountain of sausage with not alot of the white stuff. Not that this was a great problem as the fennel was less than appetising. In fact this whole meal was a bit of a dud. It was passable stodgy winter fare, but there was no redeeming features making it stand out in a crowd. It tasted like comfort food, but any nutritional value in the vegetables was overruled by the fatty sausage. Not the best meal we have had, by any means. Also the polenta seemed much grainier than yesterday, and thus less appealing. I’m not sure what we did differently, but I’m guessing that we didn’t cook it as long, or maybe it was overcooked. Who knows? We are no polenta experts. Although perhaps that may all change with the third and final installment of the polenta trilogy; Vegetarian Pumpkin Polenta with Spinach and White Beans.

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