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Day 212: Astonishingly, it’s a good one

July 31, 2007


Yesterday our contractor started ripping out the carpeting in the new place, and was going to set about removing the kitchen. Last night I dreamt that he had emptied one cupboard and carefully removed four of the wooden cherry-motif cabinet door knobs and set them down in the virtually empty dumpster. So it was quite a relief when we went over there today to discover that the entire kitchen had been gutted, as had the bathroom upstairs. The fake plastic brickwork and the fake plastic wood paneling are all gone, as are the three layers of vinyl tiles on the floor. Farewell to you all. The upstairs looks so much prettier with hardwood floors rather than the mismatch of stained carpets. And the staircase looks about a million times better in wood rather than furry green. The floors are fortunately in good condition but will need sanding and refinishing, but we’d anticipated that they could be in appalling condition so we are quite happy. 2 days of remodelling down, 13 days left before we move in. We’re keeping all our fingers and toes crossed.

We spent much of today running round buying really dull things for the house- ceiling fans and light fittings, new locks, a replacement radiator. Expenses most certainly pile up extremely quickly when you move. We found a modernish ceiling fan on sale for a reasonable price, but buying 5 of them quickly mounts up. Then Ikea called to say that our kitchen will be delivered tomorrow, but that our chosen sink has been discontinued. So we went out there and chose a sink sight-unseen from their new range. We ended up just bringing it home rather than going through the rigmarole of adding it to the delivery tomorrow. It looks fine, it’s a sink. They could have just swapped the discontinued one for this one and we’d never have known.

So this evening we set about making Broccoli Frittata with Goat Cheese and BLT Bread Salad, about which we were a little sceptical. The recipe calls for 3 eggs per person, but we made our half serving with 4 eggs, and that was more than plenty. The broccoli florets are browned in a little olive oil with some thyme, red pepper flakes and red onion. Lemon juice and a roll of goat cheese was to be crumbled into the pan, but ours did less of the crumbling and more of the smearing in your hands. Messy but tasty at least. Then a mixture of beaten eggs, a splash of cream and salt and pepper was poured onto the mix, and allowed to brown underneath. We prodded it a bit with a spatula as the egg set to keep things moving a little and to stop the whole lot from sticking to the pan. It was supposed to be browned on top in a 400? oven, but we decided to use the broiler instead. It seemed inhumane to roast our little girl asleep next door for the sake of a glorified omelette. It worked fine in the broiler, the eggs rose and became golden exactly as prescribed.

While I made the egg dish, L made the BLT salad. The bread called for was supposed to be a little stale, which ours most certainly was. The recipe says the chopped bread should be soaked in water for a few minutes then gently squeezed dry because you “don’t want the bread to be wet”. Maybe we missed the point of that exercise entirely, but I have to confess that we skipped that step. Why wet the bread if it should be dry? It already gets moist when it comes into contact with the salad dressing (olive oil and red wine vinegar) and that at least tastes better than bread in water. Romaine lettuce, red onion, grape tomatoes and chopped fried bacon went into the salad with the bread and the dressing and a little salt and pepper.

I have to say this salad was really really good. It was fresh and crisp and the bacon and bread were interesting enough to add a little something which made this seem more like a deli salad rather than a side dish. We would certainly make this one again, no question. The frittata was also good, for what it was. I am no great egg fan and L only tasted a morsel because he is allergic to eggs, but this was remarkably tasty. The goat cheese added a distinctive flavour and texture, and the vegetables gave it a little bit of crunch. Omelettes finished in the oven or under the grill always seem so much more satisfying than those fried on both sides, and it’s just as easy to make them. Maybe it’s even easier, as there is no potential flipping disaster waiting in the wings. Overall, a very good solid meal, I enjoyed it.

Tomorrow we will be having another rendition of this meal with Seafood Frittata with Fennel, Orange, and Arugula Bread Salad. We’ll let you know how it goes.

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  • Reply Fi Fi August 1, 2007 at 2:21 pm

    congratulations on the new house. Can’t believe you still find time to write this but hats off to you for your dedication. I hope you’re thinking of the future TV series when choosing your kitchen…

  • Reply Helen | One Year Project August 4, 2007 at 8:31 pm

    Ha ha! The TV series cooking without a cooker and washing without a sink would be a smash hit, surely.

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