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Day 213: Eggy fishy food

August 1, 2007

This afternoon, all of our best laid plans for constructive work were abandoned when we had to pick A up from daycare as she had thrown up. We brought her home and she was on rough form for a while, but seemed to pick up as the day went on. There was a touch and go moment when she had hiccups in the bath and looked as if she may follow through at any second, but she was ok. I mention this because we were going to have Seafood Frittata with Fennel, Orange, and Arugula Bread Salad with her this evening but we changed our minds. Eggs, shrimp and crab do not sound like the sort of food you would want to eat if you were feeling queasy.

In fairness, it didn’t particularly sound like the kind of food that we would want to eat anyway, but we ploughed ahead. The process is similar to the broccoli frittata of yesterday, replacing the broccoli with shrimp and lump crab meat, but otherwise doing the same thing. The salad has the same bread (we still didn’t soak it in water then dry it), no bacon, some orange, and the Romaine lettuce is replaced with fennel and arugula.

I made a single serving of the frittata, using 3 eggs. This still made an enormously hefty amount, about half of which was eaten. It was pleasant enough, although not as good as I would have hoped. Compared to the broccoli version of yesterday, the seafood version was considerably more expensive to make, but it was not substantially better by any means. I would stick with the vegetarian version in future. The salad was nothing exciting. The navel orange was pleasant enough, but the arugula and fennel combination was overpowering. Whereas the bread in the salad yesterday made sense in as much as the salad was based on a BLT sandwich, here the bread seemed a little out of place. Croutons, with their crunchy goodness, would perhaps have been a better match.

Tomorrow we will be having Thai-Style Shrimp and Veggies with Toasted Coconut Rice, which sounds good. Hopefully we’ll get the chance to check in at the new house and see how things are going. The demolition phase is just about complete, now the remodelling needs to begin. The place looks much bigger without some of the dreadful attempts at built-in cupboards. The fake wardrobe in one of the bedrooms was enormous, now the actual room looks big. It’s all good. In other circumstances a house filled with gaping holes and cracked plaster and exposed pipes may be a little anxiety-inducing, at this stage it just looks so very much better than it did when intact but inhabited by the previous owners. It’s an exciting time. Also, the living room is now filled with Ikea boxes, which will eventually be the new kitchen; 177 packages, 2,138 lbs. It would take me about a week just to sort them out. Actually in this heat, it would probably take a whole year.


We have spent the last while glued to CNN in disbelief that the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis has collapsed into the Mississippi. Unbelievable. Disasters are always so hard to get your head around, especially so close to home. We can only hope that fatalities are minimal. It’s absolutely horrendous.

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