Day 219: Twice as much would have been insane

August 7, 2007

This evening we made Sliced Chicken Breast Subs with Italian Sausage, Roasted Pepper, and Onion Sauce, which is essentially an elaborate-ish chicken sandwich. It was pretty straightforward to make, but I am most certainly pleased that we shared a serving. One person was supposed to have a 10-12″ long sub, a whole chicken breast, 1/8lb of Italian sausage and 2 large deli slices of provolone. No wonder there was no side dish specified.

The recipe was billed as a variation on the meal of yesterday, but really it was a completely different meal with a similar sauce. Instead of using chorizo and sherry with the onion, garlic, red peppers and parsley, this version of the sauce calls for Italian sausage and a splash of white wine. Following a recipe which is based on a previous methodology can be confusing; much more so than you would think. For example the recipe states, ‘prepare the chicken as you did the pork’, so I seasoned it with salt and pepper and paprika. later on I noticed that the paprika was in the list of things to omit- there has to be a clearer way of writing out the instructions, since presumably not that many people make one meal directly after the previous version. Anyway, once the chicken was cooked, it was sliced and arranged on the open sub. It was topped with the sauce and some Provolone cheese and placed under the broiler for the cheese to melt. Easy. We added a slightly lame tomato and cucumber salad for a little bit of crunch.

The sandwich is not bad; the chicken was surprisingly tasty and you can’t go too far wrong with some melted cheese. The sauce felt distinctly meaty today, a bit like a deconstructed meatball sauce. Yesterday it tasted much more like a vegetable sauce with the odd bit of chorizo thrown in; today it seemed to be all meat. Of course this could be because we are now “eyeballing it” to use the RR vernacular. Conceivably the ratio of meat to vegetable could have been totally wrong by my hand, but I don’t think so. As is so often the case in this project, the two meat products in one dish seemed to be overly excessive. This would have been a fine, somewhat dull chicken sandwich without the sauce, or a pretty tasty one if the sauce had been vegetarian. In all honesty, this sandwich could have come from any deli sandwich shop or fast food place. It was filling and reasonable, but not particularly exciting by any stretch of the imagination.

The meal tomorrow actually sounds quite tasty; Charred Tomato Soup with Pesto and Prosciutto Stromboli. The main drawback is of course that we will be having soup on a 90? August day, and the side dish requires the use of the oven. Well, I suppose we should enjoy getting full use out of the oven while we still have one, despite the inferno-like temperatures of our kitchen in summer. This time next week we’ll be living out of boxes with nothing but a tiny microwave for company. This project is certainly about to get so very much more difficult. We may have to start inviting ourselves round to peoples houses so that we can cook for them. Which probably sounds reasonably appealing until we mention what we’ll be cooking.

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  • Reply Melissa August 8, 2007 at 5:31 pm

    Do you think you will ever do another cookbook to compare to R.R. Also your pictures of the food are great.

  • Reply Helen | One Year Project August 9, 2007 at 9:00 pm

    We have a difference of opinion on that one- L thinks we should do another book next year, maybe the 365 recipe book from Ikea, I’m not so keen myself. Maybe it would be good to do like a baking cookbook and make loads of fabulous cakes but I don’t want to end up weighing like 500 lbs!

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