Day 221: Imagine that it is a cold wet day in February

August 9, 2007

If you picture a damp, dark evening so cold that you feel chilled to the bone, then tonight’s meal, Chunky Turkey, Potatoes, and Veggies in Red Wine Sauce may be just the recipe that you are looking for. This is actually a very good casserole recipe which has a richness that you wouldn’t expect from something with such a speedy cooking time, but wowser it’s August. It is so wrong to be eating this now, regardless of how nice it may be. I break into a sweat just thinking about cooking meals like this.

The recipe is straightforward; boil some little potatoes and brown the turkey in some olive oil with poultry seasoning and salt and pepper. Remove the turkey from the heat once it is browned, and add thyme, onion, baby carrots, garlic, celery, mushrooms to the pan. Once they are softened, add some flour, stir for a moment then add some red wine. A couple of minutes later add the chicken stock, simmer for a few further minutes then add the cooked drained potatoes and turkey to the pan. Allow to warm through then add the parsley, adjust the seasonings to taste, and serve.

There were a couple of small drawbacks to this dish, aside from the fact that it is entirely the wrong kind of food for summer. The turkey tasted a bit like an old boot, which is never good. And the baby carrots, whilst tasting fine, were barely softened. They could certainly have benefitted from being par-boiled with the potatoes for a few minutes. However, other than that, the vegetables were tasty and the sauce was remarkably good.

In other news, the floors have been sanded upstairs in our new house and they look absolutely beautiful. Things upstairs seem like they are coming together (minus the gaping holes in the bathroom floor and walls) which is very reassuring. We will be living upstairs and outside for a while, and it seems like all our possessions will be living in boxes in the garage for a wee while. That makes more sense than piling them up inside the house for the workmen to work around. And everything should be much less dusty than if it stays inside while the work continues. The main drawback is that we need to be even more organised, presumably, which currently seems like an impossible dream. The kitchen floor is due to be poured tomorrow, in preparation for eventual tiling, with the cabinets starting to be put in place in the meantime. With our eleventy-gazillionth trip to Ikea we have finally solved our bathroom cabinet/ lighting problems so hopefully we can lay off the spending for a while. I have also finally arranged for our phone and internet to be transferred over there, but we will have a down time of about 3 days before being back on the grid next Friday. So it looks like next week we’ll cook outside or in the microwave, document the food out on the deck, and then I’ll need to find somewhere with internet access to publish a post. Fun times.

Tomorrow is one of the most repulsive-sounding meals we have had the pleasure of cooking so far this year, Oven-Baked Corn Dogs with O & V Slaw. Hot dogs in Jiffy muffin mix, mm-mmmm, can’t wait. Meantime, we had really better get packing.

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  • Reply Melissa August 10, 2007 at 8:15 am

    Have you thought about doing another cookbook to compare to this one. I hope your corn dogs are better than you expect.

  • Reply Helen | One Year Project August 10, 2007 at 8:09 pm

    Hi, I think we’ll be done with cookery books after this book, although perversely I think we’ll both miss the structure of not having to decide what is for dinner every night. If we did do another cookbook I would be much more interested in doing
    either baking or a cook whose food I genuinely like and admire- say Nigella Lawson.

    I did the read the Julie and Julia book a while ago and really enjoyed it. I have a lot of respect for Julie- she had to master some incredible dishes and methodologies, whereas our task is much more low-brow. Whilst hers sounded like a crazy daunting task, at least she got to grips with some real cooking. We are really just making food every night, at the most common denominator, I’m not sure that this classifies as cooking in the same way that a chef cooks, for example.

  • Reply Jojo August 10, 2007 at 3:15 pm

    Hiya! Just stumbled on your site – great idea! Much like the Julie and Julia book, wherein a woman named Julie attempts to make every recipe in Julia Child’s first cookbook. If you haven’t read it yet, I’d highly recommend you check it out. Bon appetit! 🙂

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