Day 223: Tasty yet spectacularly unphotogenic

August 11, 2007

My grandmother died today, very peacefully, after almost 98 years. She certainly had an extremely long life and her passing was not unexpected. It is slightly surreal to be so far away from family at times such as these; it is hard to really grasp what is going on. Between L and I, we have lost 3 grandparents since we last went home for a visit. My grandparents both lived for a remarkably long time, and against all odds my Nana was at home until the end. So the news was  sad, but it was not bad news as such.

Today we became the proud owners of this, which will no doubt make life in the new house so very much simpler for the first few weeks/ days/ months. We bought it in the store, but looking at the reviews we’ll just have to hope that our shiny new oven is in use before the knobs on the portable one shatter into millions of little pieces. I had vaguely considered cooking parts of the meals for the upcoming week here before we leave, but everything is so hectic that cheating is just not a possibility. And with a hot plate, a microwave and a grill we must surely be covered. We’re only missing an oven and surely we can be creative with our appliances if necessary- or we can turn up on someone’s doorstep and offer to cook.

This evening we made Bacon-Wrapped Beef Tenderloin and Super-Stuffed Potatoes with Smoked Gouda and Caramelized Mushrooms and Onions, which was much easier than it sounded. We cooked up the onions, garlic, mushrooms and thyme in the skillet until brown. Meanwhile we microwaved a baked potato and scooped out the insides. The potato was mixed with the fried mixture, grated Gouda and sour cream, seasoned with salt and pepper, then stuffed back into the potato skins. Meanwhile, the steaks (not tenderloin as $6 per steak seemed a little excessive; we had some $2 steaks) were seasoned and each wrapped in a piece of bacon. They were fried seam-side down, then turned. I made the big mistake of adding olive oil to the pan forgetting that there would be plenty of bacon fat around. Och well, our steaks were half the size of the ones mentioned in the recipe.

I wandered round the condo for a while looking for some furniture on which to place dinner so that it could be photographed. We have disassembled the dining table and moved the sideboard into an area with very little light so we were back at the kitchen counter. It occurred to us that the meal looked a bit sorry without any greens, so we added a pea mountain. The peas really helped balance out what was actually a very good meal. It was pretty hearty, but the portion sizes were manageable. The bacon worked really well because only one strip was luxurious without being completely self-indulgent. The steak was simply cooked and very tasty for that. The only drawback was that the potato was cooked in the microwave and so was not half as tasty as if it had been cooked in the oven. Still, it was certainly a quick meal. All in all a winner; we’d eat this again with some salad or some vegetables, but probably not in August.

Tomorrow, for our penultimate meal in this house, we will be making White Pita Pizzas with Red and Green Prosciutto Salad. Hopefully we’re going to be too busy to really mentally process the move, if that makes sense.

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  • Reply Reenie August 13, 2007 at 10:50 am

    I’m very sorry about your grandmother. Mine passed at 98 also – very long, rich life. Good luck with the move!

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