Day 225: Last night

August 13, 2007

Luckily this evening’s meal tasted good, because preparing Rosemary, Parmigiano, and Pine Nut Breaded Chicken Cutlets with Fennel Slaw was almost the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back. Almost all of the condo is packed up and ready to go, and 2 of the bedrooms are painted (although not yet with ceiling fans) after the longest day ever, or so it seems. Let’s see how tomorrow compares.

The kitchen however is still in a state of chaos. Most of it’s contents have been packed, but the food still needs to be sorted and we have a moderate sized pile of stuff to be packed which we will use while we cook in the basement/ outside. So I was really hoping that the meal tonight would be the culinary equivalent of making toast, which is about all I am capable of right now. So the many stages of preparing the chicken seemed a little much, but at least the end result was a winner.

The breading was prepared in the food processor- garlic, lemon zest, breadcrumbs, Parmigiano, red pepper flakes, rosemary and pine nuts were blitzed together. The chicken was seasoned, dredged in flour, dipped in beaten egg, then coated in the crumb mixture. (Dish count when using dishwasher= average. Dish count when washing by hand= astronomical). The chicken was supposed to be fried in 1/2″ of vegetable oil which was simply a no-go. We got good results from using a little olive oil and turning the chicken frequently. The fennel slaw consisted of chopped fennel, red pepper, red onion, parsley and shredded carrot. It was marinated in olive oil, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice. Some lemon juice was also squeezed over the cutlet just before serving.

The chicken was tasty and crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. It was about as good as chicken can be. The use of pine nuts in the breading was a welcome change. The slaw was reasonably pleasant. All in all we did enjoy this meal , although it’s not exactly the dish I’d choose to be my last supper in this house.

This condo has been a fabulous place to live. Now that it is utterly filled with boxes it seems like we really are moving. Let’s hope this isn’t a massive mistake. Tomorrow we will be having Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry-in-a-Hurry in the new house. Let’s hope Baby A will settle down there ok, or else dinner plus blogging plus finding internet access could mean a very very late night.

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