Day 227: Livin’ the dream

August 15, 2007

This evening we got our cooking set-up a little more refined; we cooked outside on the deck with the stove top on a plastic table, rather than in the dingy hot basement. It seemed a little less stressful and a little more fun, or at least there was more room to move without knocking things over. Our fridge is set-up in the garage, with all our food and the water source down in the basement. Living here is better than owning a stairmaster; we are up and down constantly. Which is fine during the day but at night it’s not so much fun. I am entering the stage of pregnancy where I need to go to the bathroom literally ever hour. In the condo I could pretty much do so blindfolded. Here it is an epic trip complete with tripping hazards, wet plaster, two flights of stairs and the need for muchos light. And we have giant spiders lurking in the basement, which adds a little frisson of excitement with every trip.

Last night, Baby A slept well whilst L and I tossed and turned all night. We have moved a mere four blocks north of our old place, and yet it sounds completely and utterly different. Gone are the cars and the people and the bar noises, instead we have insects and birds and quiet. It’s like a weird holiday in the countryside. Although we did have the beautiful noises of stressed out cats trying to claw their way out of a room whilst howling incessantly to soothe our senses, then around 4am Baby A started to play her music box over and over and over again. But all in all, not the worst first night in the world.

After a day of cleaning old house and new house, I can categorically say that cleaning out the messy spilled foodstuff found in your own fridge is far, far less repulsive than the mess left behind by someone else. I don’t know what was eaten by the previous owners but it looked and behaved like tar- at least I hope it was tar and not somehing far more sinister. We also managed to feed and bathe Baby A outside with relative success, although we saved the hardcore cooking until she was in bed. Anyway, on to the food. Tonight we made Eggplant, Mushroom, and Sweet Potato Indian-Spiced Stoup which was a variation on yesterday’s food. The chicken was replaced with eggplant and mushroom, the chicken stock for vegetable stock, the cream for coconut milk, and the rice for more liquid, enough to make a “stoup”. I think we followed the recipe more closely than yesterday, when we were cooking the food of the zombies. Aside from the fact that cooking an Indian spiced soup on a hot and humid August day seems a little inhumane, this is an extremely tasty soup. We juggled the balance of mild curry paste to hot mango chutney more towards the hot side today, and the spice level came out just right. The coconut milk was a welcome addition to the soup, and all in all it was nice to have a big steaming bowl of vegetables. This one was a winner.

By happy accident, I found this evening that we can join a wireless network and so blog on the deck. It all seemed so very civilised until the insects started up their racket. It’s too loud and completely uncalled for. We still live in a city, where are the traffic sounds? Sirens and people shouting, the sounds of life. Tomorrow night we will be cooking Chicken in Puttanesca Sauce over Creamy Polenta which sounds like the time to debut two-pan cookery.

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  • Reply Jojo August 16, 2007 at 9:08 am

    Sounds like you’re having a good time amidst the chaos of moving.

    Am I imagining this, or does RR use curry paste A LOT? I’ve never purchased curry paste and wouldn’t even know where it sits in the store. Hm. Me and my boring Nordic taste buds…

  • Reply Helen | One Year Project August 16, 2007 at 8:33 pm

    Hiya, we do use quite alot of curry paste, this year at least, although probably never before that- the one we bought comes in a jar, is made by Patak’s I think and you find it near either spices or Asian foods.

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