Day 228: More food

August 16, 2007

Apparently we have moved into the nicest neighbourhood ever, with the most generous neighbours. I mentioned that we received a meal the night we moved in; today we were given the most beautiful home-baked loaf of Finnish cardamom bread, and an enormous bowl of pasta with home-canned tomatoes. Both were utterly delicious and made the task of cooking this evening that little bit less appealing. But, cook we did, and Chicken in Puttanesca Sauce over Creamy Polenta is what we made.

In our makeshift outdoor kitchen we browned the chicken and removed it from the pan, fried the garlic and anchovies and red pepper flakes, added crushed tomatoes, capers, black olives and parsley, and added the chicken back to the sauce. Meanwhile, we made the polenta with stock, milk, butter and parmesan. All of this was overseen by one of our cats sitting in the window watching from the inside. Yes, not only are we not letting them outside, we are also torturing them by forcing to watch chicken being cooked with nothing but a thin mesh screen between them and their intended.

Anyway, the food was good, tasty, pleasant. The polenta wasn’t as nice as pasta would have been, but it was certainly quick and easy and pretty cheesey. It amazes me how nice these anchovy-based sauces are; they certainly smell bad as they cook but they turn out to be quite nutty and rich and not fishy at all.

In other news, L managed to reveal that the grout in the basement bathroom is not dark brown as previously supposed/ hoped, but white. Who knew that cleaning could be so miraculous? He also painted the bathroom in an attempt to eradicate it’s previous life. It has helped although not as much as a demolition job. Maybe next year, if we have any souls left to sell after paying for this job. We may apparently get some kitchen cabinets in place next week, which would be an utter delight. I think we may be being told this to keep our enthusiasm up, but we will choose to believe it. We need every bit of optimism that we can muster. The three of us are all ailing a bit, Baby A has a nasty cough, and both L and I are coming down with colds. Colds are just the most ridiculous ailment, especially in summer; you aren’t sick enough to simply retire to your bed, but you don’t feel quite well enough to tackle life. Anyway, we can’t stop, there’s simply too much to do. But for now, I need to sleep so until tomorrow and the seasonally wrong Verdure di Primio Maggio con Polenta (Mixed Greens of the First of May with Polenta), I will bid you goodnight.

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