Day 229: May Day

August 17, 2007

This evening we made an impromptu trip to the Emergency Room in rush hour Friday afternoon traffic with Baby A. She was seemingly in agony from her ear, and upset in a way that is completely unlike her. Obviously the clinic was closed so we went out to the hospital, where it turns out one of the tubes in her ears was possibly blocked, causing an enormous build up of pressure. Sure enough, by the time we’d seen a doctor and got a prescription, the tube had started to work, fluid was beginning to drain out of the ear, and she seemed to be in much better spirits. Poor little mite is doing better now, but that wasn’t much fun at all. My Mama Bear Instinct/ Pregnancy Hormones kicked in to full effect and I was embarrassingly almost as upset as the little one, particularly as she is in an all Daddy, all of the time phase at the moment. Still, she’s home now and tucked up in bed and seems to be doing ok, which is absolutely the main thing. Of course we didn’t manage to do a grocery shop today, so when we finally got the wee one to bed, I went out to buy ingredients for tonight’s obligation dinner, Verdure di Primio Maggio con Polenta (Mixed Greens of the First of May with Polenta).

So apparently, if Rachael Ray is in Italy over the first of May, she likes to eat these little pastry parcels filled with spring greens. This recipe instead puts the greens on a bed of polenta, and is evidently best served in mid-August. So we bumbled around making the polenta and the greens which are sautéed with red pepper flakes, garlic, anchovies and olives, then seasoned with nutmeg, black pepper and lemon juice. There was some mention of capers in the write-up but it didn’t say at what stage they should be added in the recipe. We forgot about them, until now. So this meal tastes pretty much as you’d imagine it to be- it is marginally more appealing than stir-fried salad, but that’s about all I can say in it’s favour. Perhaps in dough this would have been much more appetising, but over polenta it was just blah. Sort of grainy stodge with green bits on top. Also we were completely frazzled so perhaps not in the most receptive of moods.

Other than that, we got phone, cable and internet today. Now I just need to find the phones to plug in, work out how the * the modem will work with our AirPort wireless thing, and we need the rest of the house finished so we can bring the TV in from the garage. The installation guys seemed to be utterly baffled by the fact that the computer was a Mac and a laptop; it was interesting to hear that they got the same annoying hold music as we the customers when calling in for technical assistance. Once I unplugged the computer to take it elsewhere, everything seems to have gone pearshaped and it seems that the installation software needs to be reinstalled. Needless to say I am still sitting outside on the deck leaching onto someone else’s wireless network. Things are moving with the house; Baby A’s room is pretty much done in an Ikea-tastic fashion, our room is now box-free although still filled with junk, and everything else is crazy. The big holes in the walls downstairs have been filled, which is nice, and the disgusting texture that is on the hall walls has been sprayed over the fill-in plaster where there was once a doorway to the kitchen, so the former doorway is invisible. We’re going to find out how many arms and legs it would take to make the walls smooth once more. The bathroom now has almost all it’s base walls up, and it has a concrete floor which helps aesthetically at least. One day I hear it may have a toilet and sink, oh happy day.

Tomorrow, Sweet Prune and Sage Pork Chops with Potatoes will debut in our outdoor kitchen. I hope it doesn’t require more than two pans.

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  • Reply Doctor D August 18, 2007 at 8:36 am

    Nothing worse than an unplanned trip to the ER, why is it things like that always happen after clinic hours? Glad baby A is better. D.

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