Day 23: Disappointing, with a side of ice cream

January 23, 2007


Boo’s Smoky Chicken Patties on Buttered Toast [recipe] looks disturbingly like a tuna salad sandwich in the photo above. It didn’t taste that way, you’ll be pleased to hear; unfortunately it wasn’t that tasty. There was something about this burger that just didn’t quite hit the right spot. Despite the garlic, onion, parsley, paprika and grill seasoning, this was curiously bland and non-descript. Maybe it was the fact that it was served on toast with some spinach- it could certainly have benefited from a dollop of ketchup at least. This would be a reasonable addition to a fuller meal- either served with a plate of well-prepared vegetables or with something like the macaroni cheese from last night. As it stands, this is currently neither a good substitute for a burger, nor a great new sandwich.

Day 23: Boo’s Vanilla Ice Cream with Chunky Peanut Butter Sauce and Gingersnaps

Day 23: Boo’s Vanilla Ice Cream with Chunky Peanut Butter Sauce and Gingersnaps

Moving on, an additional recipe was provided for desert, which I had to say I was pretty excited about. The reasoning behind its inclusion was that it included three of Boo’s favourite foods (Boo being Rachael Ray’s dog); Boo’s Vanilla Ice Cream with Chunky Peanut Butter Sauce and Gingersnaps. Two of the elements were great, the ice-cream and the gingersnaps. The sauce was a disappointment, almost ruining the ice-cream, although I soldiered through for the sake of research. L did not even try the sauce, which was not a bad decision in hindsight. The sauce was made of peanut butter, honey, cinnamon and milk. I “eyeballed” the amounts, as instructed, so maybe I got the proportions wrong. It seemed far too sweet, sickly-sweet, yet also too runny. The chunks of peanuts didn’t add anything, they seemed out of place. I should say for the record that I am not a massive fan of peanut butter, in fact I just started eating it again recently. But, it is a very rare occurrence when I don’t enjoy a desert, of any kind, especially one with ice cream. There’s a reason that Baby A was called the Cake Baby for a long, long time.

Tomorrow, we move away from the food of Boo, and back into the world of “Stoup”. Salsa Stoup and Double-Decker Baked Quesadillas sounds pretty good. We’ll be back tomorrow with our opinions on that.

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