Day 232: Live from our very own house

August 20, 2007

Today we got on with a few things, none of which were particularly ground-breaking, but all were helpful in the grand scheme of things. First up; we finally have wireless internet. I can blog from my bed. If we had a sofa, I could sit there. We do have a sofa, but it’s in the garage- and unfortunately I can’t blog from there as it’s evidently too far away from the technology. But, in theory at least, I can blog from the living room or the kitchen. And as soon as we have either of those rooms, I may just do that. We now have some curtain poles and ceiling fans installed, and the tilers are making headway in the bathroom. Bathroom tiles at last, going on our very own walls; who’d have thought it? What will they think of next, a toilet and a sink? Tomorrow is apparently the big day when the kitchen installation begins, I can’t wait. Seriously, I don’t think I can. When we hear that the appliances are coming, I may well have kittens.

This evening we made Chicken Sausage with Fennel and Onions, which was at least quick and easy. We toasted some pine nuts, then fried sliced onions and fennel in olive oil. When they were tender, the pan was deglazed with white wine, and the parsley and pine nuts were added to the pan, stirred around then piled onto plates. Meanwhile, we cooked the chicken sausages as directed in the recipe book. We were sceptical but it did actually work. The sausages were pricked with a fork then put in a pan with 1/4″ of water and a tablespoon of olive oil. The water evaporated, and eventually the sausages started to brown. We kept turning them and they got a good color, which is pretty unusual for chicken sausages, in our experience. The sausage was sliced and served on top of the pile of white.

L thought this was a pretty decent meal, I had to disagree. He conceded that maybe he was just very hungry, but he still polished off his entire serving. I may have brought in a slice of bread and tomato ketchup for emergency backup, not exactly in keeping with the spirit of the recipe, I will readily admit. Upon further questioning, he says that he liked the pine nuts as an unexpected twist, and he appreciated the fact that the fennel, onions and parsley were light and crispy. We did agree that chicken sausage tastes like chicken sausage, no matter which flavour it is supposed to be. Personally, I found that this meal offended my inner carbohydrate addict. The vegetables seemed like a topping for a sandwich or a rice dish. I just didn’t really enjoy it all that much. Och well, there is always tomorrow, when we will be eating Chorizo and Butternut Soup with Herbed Tomato and Cheese Quesadillas. That sounds much better. I hope that the rain eases up a little by then. We will probably have to move our makeshift kitchen back out of the kitchen-in-waiting, so it would be nice if we could cook outside again. Failing that, there’s always the bedroom I suppose. Not exactly the sort of hot steamy bedroom action that you would hope for.

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